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MSNBC’s resident leftist lunatic Ed Schultz passionately and on-air wished Fox News’ conservative commentator Glenn Beck would die and then ridiculed Beck’s battle with blindness while published a headline that pushed its own envelope: “Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically not Glenn Beck.” 

Alleged comedienne Wanda Sykes tickled the president’s funny bone at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last year with her riotous jokes about Rush Limbaugh, accusing him of being a treasonous terrorist and hoping he would die of liver failure.

Just yesterday, a Democrat candidate for New Hampshire’s state legislature, Keith Halloran, expressed his regret that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and her almost son-in-law Levi Johnston had perished in the Alaska plane crash which took the lives of former senator Ted Stevens and four others:

Sick?  You betcha, but explicable for the Party of Death, aka the Democrat Party, which wallows in the morbid.  While accusing Republicans of being cold-hearted and insensitive louts who want to throw grandma under a bus, in truth, it is they, the Democrats, who feel free to voice death wishes for conservatives and crack funnies about conservatives dying of liver disease and in plane crashes.

It’s a natural inclination for certain people to project their own cheerless and gruesome psyches onto others as a defense mechanism to conceal their own sick and morbid thoughts. 

Democrats  That too is explicable in view of the Democrat Party’s long-term endorsement and fervid enthusiasm for the practice of abortion.  When one is on record as supporting the snuffing out of human life in the womb and publicly proud of that position, it’s really not much of a leap to believing your philosophical opponents should die, and die ugly deaths.

Is it any wonder that so many firmly believe that Obamacare features Death Panels, which it does albeit under a euphemistic label and despite Democrat protestations to the contrary? 

The Democrat fascination with death is comparable to what probably went on in the twisted brain of the Nazi “Angel of Death,” Dr. Josef Mengele.  In for a penny, in for a pound, the Brits used to say.  Once you’ve murdered a few human beings here, a few there, what’s the difference?  You become inured to horror. Who cares about a few more or a lot more?