(Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh finally released his wedding pictures this week.)   Ok, this isn’t Rush Hudson Limbaugh III’s first bride, not even close.  

Although the 59 year old Rush-man hasn’t (yet) approached Larry King’s (Lawrence Harvey Zeiger’s) eight weddings, he has been wed four times, the last time to 33 year old Kathryn Elizabeth Rogers at the ultimate classy venue, The Breakers in June of this year. 

Black minister Dr. Kenneth L. Hutcherson, Founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington, presided and homosexual entertainer Elton John entertained at the festivities that followed.   I mention Hutcherson’s race and John’s sexual proclivities simply because Mr. Limbaugh has often been accused of both racism and homophobia.
I’ve always been more than a tad ambivalent about Rush, admiring (and agreeing with) 99% of his conservative points of view and fearlessness in taking on the MSM and the entire liberal establishment in America which, he firmly contends, are in the process of flushing all we have achieved and all we have believed down history’s toilet
At the same time, I have often wondered how this self-described “Defender of Democracy,” this creator of the EIB Network, this arch-enemy of Feminazis, of all things leftist, and of skulls-full of mush, the real man, the living legend, the way of life, can explain four marriages over 33 years.

I mean, seriously, is the man a masochist?

Even so, I must commend this walking, talking, marrying conservative institution. 
Without Limbaugh and conservative talk radio in general over the last few decades, God only knows where and what we would be today and for that I congratulate him on his trophy wife, Kathryn.
Keats wrote in “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” ”Beauty is truth, truth beauty,–that is all/Ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know.
In terms of beauty, and aside from probably iron-clad pre-nups, Rush’s trophy wife puts to shame 90% of Democrat-liberal women and puts to the lie the liberal canard that conservatives are sexless and passionless.  They’re also, obviously, very selective.
Take that, Commie, pinko, liberal bedwetters!  Or are you still enamored of liberal icons and sex objects?  Elena Kagan Husband
For a party that touts and exhibits its Hollywood breast-enhanced, Botox-assisted, facial-reconfigured stars, you would think Dems should start trolling for someone better looking than people like Rachel Madcow Rachel Maddow is thinking  to represent it.
Rush Limbaugh may not be an exemplar of marital fidelity but he sure as hell is an enviable example of how conservatives can outshine liberals and teach them how to live.
You rock, old man Rush!