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Consider the following video as preface to this article on the subject of why Democrats are so nitwitty that they can’t comprehend the difference between actual reality and their miasmic interpretation and misunderstanding of what is real.

The video features that peace-lovin’, diversity-endorsing, monster mosque-building, in-yer-face-America-we-won-you-lost Islamic terrorist-without-portfolio, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf’s comments following September 11th, 2001: 

 Imaf Rauf Ground Zero Imam Rauf's  is the same Muslim whose project to build that monster mosque/recreation center/restaurant/gymnasium/meeting place/ cultural-exchange locale and generally jolly old Islamic fun place to be place has been heartily endorsed by Democrat Governor David Patterson, Democrat Senator Chuckie Schumer, life-long Democrat Mayor Boomboom, Democrat gubernatorial aspirant Chris Cuomo, and virtually every other Democrat in the 

New York Governor-by-default Patterson last week tossed in a sweet freebie for Rauf and his monster mosque.  With New York teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the ever-generous Democrat proffered some undisclosed piece of state real estate for Rauf’s mosque. 

That free piece was summarily rejected by the peace-lovin’, diversity-endorsing, monster-mosque-building, in-yer-face-America-we-won-you-lost imam. 

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating.  For some reason known only to God Almighty, He created an inordinate and disproportionate number of horses’ asses as compared to horses.  Maybe it’s some divine joke that we mere mortals aren’t meant to comprehend but when those equine derrieres are in charge of our lives and destinies I just think God should have shared the punchline of His joke.

More to the point, for the terminally slow and the irredemiably liberal among us, why did God create Democrats?  At the minimum He should have warned us of Democrat propensity for inanity and insanity!