I’m about as sick of writing about mosques, Muslims, Sharia, Islam, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, and Muhammad as readers are sick of reading and hearing about them.   

Yet to suspend attention to them at what might be the most critical juncture in America’s history is to surrender to those forces dedicated to the defeat and dismantling of America as we know it.

Symbolized by the Ground Zero Monster Mosque, Muslims and Islam, with Rauf acting as their commander, are intent on capitalizing on their victory of September 11th, 2001, defeating America in our decades-long war on terror, and subjugating Americans to the brutal strictures of Sharia law. 

As I concluded Part One of this series, “Think it can’t happen here?  September 11th, 2001 couldn’t happen here, but it did.”  And it could be repeated. 

As per usual, the Democrat Party has taken an almost united stance of support on the issue of Imam Rauf’s obsession with building his 15 story, $100,000,000 mosque-cultural center-gymnasium-restaurant-fun place massage parlor near the hallowed site of  Ground Zero.

Unlike Christians’ lack of rights to erect a cathedral, a church, even a chapel in Mecca and Medina, Rauf has every constitutional right to build his mosque and no American has disputed that right.  Having a right and doing what’s right are vastly different, however.  

Joining with the Islamic Raufians, the formerly-reputable Democrat Party has ironically discovered deep within its bowels a renewed, long-lost concern for religiosity and religious freedom and the First Amendment.  

Democrats have condemned those who oppose Rauf’s project as bigoted, racist, un-Americans for seeking to deny Rauf’s grand scheme to trumpet Islam’s triumph of nine years ago by building a garish monument to Islam’s greatest victory over the infidel Christians since Saladin captured Jerusalem in A.D. 1187.

Not unexpectedly, quaking Demrats with their jobs on the line such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been hypocritically deserting the sinking Dem ship in an attempt to escape the November wrath of voters in our still-democratic ship of state and have come out in opposition to their revered president and against the Ground Zero mosque.

Joined by confirmed-Democratic Party lunatics such as former DNC chairman Harold Dean, Reid and Company are in process of trying to become the flimfam men of 2010 by attempting to appear as if they were true Americans.

It won’t work, dudes.  Your records have preceded you and Imam Rauf has pre-empted you.

The peace-loving, culture-sharing, not to mention extremist Rauf has already outed Islam even if the mainstream media have chosen to bury the imam’s remarks and testimony to radical Islam.

That media’s almost inexplicable and extended record of concealing the truth about radical Islam is matched only by its diligence in not printing or telecasting the truth about our radical president, his close connections to American extremists, and his Muslim birth, family and education.    

It’s inexplicable save for that media’s survival instinct and ingrained leftist politics.   We should remember that the MSM also pretended that Obama and family wasn’t attached by familial hips to the very reverend, America-and-white-hating Jeremiah Wright.

Until very reecently, Imam Rauf had no comparable instincts or concerns for his religious politics.  Prior to 2010 and the Cordoba Initiative, now re-named  Park51,  he had a great deal to say, bunches to say, loads to unload on America and our complicity in 9/11, loads to say concerning America’s “guilt.”

Don’t expect to hear much if any of those loads from the MSM but give a listen here to that “Ambassador of Peace’s” 2005 remarks in which he said among other things that America is worse than al-qaeda, that “The United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al-qaeda has of innocent non-Muslims:” http://tiny.cc/il6ri 

As Claudia Rosett writes of Rauf’s “Americanized Islam,” on PajamasMedia.com:  ”As far as Rauf himself is an example of this ‘Americanized Islam’ he seeks to spread, it seems to entail dismissing the views of a majority of Americans, causing great anguish to some of the families of the thousands murdered on Sept. 11, and refusing to answer any real questions–all while working on his own plans to Islamize Ground Zero:” http://tiny.cc/1z1se 

No one could ever deny that Rauf isn’t slick. 

Having thoroughly bamboozled our government, he is presently on an American-taxpayer-funded junket to the Muslim Mideast while we are fighting endless, bloody wars in Afghanistan and Iraq against Muslim terrorists.  At the same time, we are ignoring the potentially much deadlier war we should be fighting against the undeclared jihad of Rauf and his many Muslim compatriots in our homeland.

Sad to say, the self-described “bridge-builder” Rauf and his cohorts seem to be winning.  Maybe American women should start shopping for a fashionable burkha before Sharia law kicks in?


Postscript:  CNS.com reported yesterday that Imam Rauf also believes that sanctions applied to rogue states, such as Muslim Iran, are the equivalent of terrorist acts: “The Muslim cleric at the center of the controversy over the mosque near Ground Zero was quoted as saying four years ago that economic sanctions impacting civilians amounted to an act of terrorism:” http://tiny.cc/tdxf4