Perhaps I shoudn’t ask the question, “What’s a mother to do?” since I’m a father not a mother.  However, a male colleague used to ask that question not as a query but as an expression of frustration as to what anyone can do in response to the conditions and state of the world today.

The short answer is that a mother, or father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, can’t do very much if anything but it’s nevertheless fulfilling to speculate on what we should do under certain sets of circumstances.

Would that we average joes and josies could do things, change things, or reverse things that, in our inexpert and humble opinions, called for doing, changing, or reversing based on a long-lost American skill and capacity, the application of common sense.

“Mother’s Commonsensical Solutions” will no doubt be attacked as everything from nonsensical and simplistic to naive and stupid but asi es la vida, tough apples.  Readers are invited to offer better ideas.

Applesauce » global warming  Mother’s Problem Number One: Dealing With International Green Hypocrites

.  “China, India, Indonesia, Brazil Can’t Estimate Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions–Latest Figures Are from 1994:” 

Second grade arithmetic seems to indicate that over 16 years those nations haven’t been able to better calculate those emissions.  That would be either testimony to how remarkably inept and backward those nations are or an indicator of how guileful and cunning they are. 

Even as the Obama administration is in process of perpetrating yet another monumental scam on the American people, Cap and Trade legislation, a euphemism for Cap and Tax legislation, developing nations are in process of perpetrating a scam of their own. 

The “most egregious producers of greenhouse gasses” are just not going to tell the rest of the planet how much they’re polluting our planet and worsening so-called global warming.  Consequently, “the lack of accurate data and reporting on greenhouse-gas emissions from [those and other developing] nations complicates the efforts for global climate policies.”

Great Britain and Russia aren’t doing much better in estimating their greenhouse gas emissions, arriving at numbers that are, respectively and near criminally, 13% and 40% within the margin of error or uncertainty estimate.

Anyone else get the feeling that the Brits, Russians, Chinese, Indians,  Indonesians, Brazilians and all those others aren’t really trying very hard to limit or track their pollutants and that they don’t take the whole global warming bit and the necessity of stringent measures to combat it nearly as seriously as our Democrat politicians do?

Anyone else get the feeling they all expect those American simpletons to carry the greenhouse gas ball, to further cripple our already-crippled industrial base with onerous new green regulations, to tax ourselves into Third World oblivion while they mouth green platitudes and skate?  

What a toughie of a situation, a real conundrum calling for a commonsensical approach.

Mother’s Solution:  Since the other nations of the world aren’t willing to play nice and get along well with others, the United States should do what we have to do.  We should posthaste withdraw from any and all international climate agreements, announce that we will in the future do our darnedest best to mitigate whatever air pollution we cause, and scrap proposed domestic Cap and Trade/Tax legislation. 

Will America do any or all of that?  Of course not, which is one of the many reasons we’re in such a pickle today.