The following is an admittedly ineffectual effort to come to an understanding of the meaning behind prevailing anti-Obama sentiment as revealed in two pictures.  Since the pics are not visible on all websites, I’ll also attempt to provide sufficient detail about them so that the reader knows what he’s missing.

A)  The first photo depicts a fairly attractive, blond woman in her thirties or forties possibly attending an anti-Obama rally while sporting a white print on a black tee shirt that clearly reflects her political feelings: It reads in bold lettering: ”OBAMA SUCKS.”

Absent a confirmed statement by the wearer, we can only guess at the precise meaning behind her cryptic tee. The graphic idea if not graphic photo appears to be an attempt by “ht/jc lady” on to express one of two sentiments. 

Either the provocative “ht/jc lady” is expressing a deep and heartfelt emotion in contemporary jargon that President Barack Hussein Obama represents the worst president in America’s long and illustrious history, that he “sucks” even worse than Fillmore, Wilson, Harding, and Carter, or ”ht/jc lady” is commenting on Obama’s sex life.

For the purpose of retaining my breakfast, I hope “Obama Sucks” relates only to his ineptitude and not in any way to his relationship with Michelle.

Tongue in cheek, IOTW comments on the photo that, “This woman is a straight up racist,” reflecting the common accusation that anyone who disagrees with or says nasty things about our nation’s first (half) black commander in chief can or should be labelled a racist.

Wait!  Isn’t that true?  Aren’t all of Obama’s political opponents rabid racists? 

If not for that rabid racism, how could they explain or defend themselves?

How and why could any of us who who never bought into the Obama-walking-on-water vision thing, who never believed he was the Anointed One sent to save the Republic, who rejected the incredibly-stupid idea of electing an unqualified president of the United States based on a gnawing white guilt that we owe granted an absurdly-unqualified African-American a shot at the Oval Office despite the fact he was as qualified for that position as Al Sharpton, be anything other than racists?

Maybe we simply don’t like the man because of his socialistic, share-the-wealth domestic policies, his bankrupting the nation with stimuli that don’t work, his alienation of half the world, his blind commitment to the United Nations as our and the planet’s last, best, only hope?

Maybe we believe this man who was dedicated to healing all our racial wounds has only exacerbated them, that he has failed even more miserably than Rodney and Martin Luther King (Jr) to bring us all together, that he has instead instituted a brave, new, black racist government?

Did I mention the unemployment rate and our porous borders? 

Maybe we all just think he sucks?

B)  The second picture depicts a bizarre scene of an obviously-errant locomotive leaning precariously against a city building amid the rubble that could be expected when a locomotive hits a building.  The (photo-shopped?) picture was posted on and is captioned, “OBAMA–IT REALLY WAS ABOVE HIS PAY GRADE.”

It captures the essence of where we really are during this, VP Joe Biden’s ephemeral recovery summer: We are in a train wreck.


Now, that locomotive shown above combined with that caption may seem an out of kilter, non-sequitur unless the context is clarified.

Candidate Barack Obama pulled the lame line, that a response was ”above my pay grade,” out of his hat when his trusty teleprompter was in absentia during an August 2008 interview with the evangelical Saddleback Church Pastor, Rick Warren.

He was asked when human life begins, when a pre-born baby becomes entitled to any rights. Obama, probably the most pro-abortion individual in the country outside of N.O.W. and Planned Parenthood, responded “Whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question  with specificity . . . is above my pay grade.” 

Say, what?  Theological and scientific perspectives?  Answering with specificity?  Pay grade?

That’s the best the guy touted as the most briliant man in the country who was pitted in the Democrat primary against Hillary Clinton, the woman touted as the most brilliant woman in the universe, could come up with?  A glib, supercilious, specious answer to a question that literally related to the lives or deaths of millions of pre-born babies? 

His gutless, facile response should have been a tipoff that this guy was in so deeply over his head as a presidential aspirant that for him to even fantasize about becoming president, no less to run, win, and claim that office was ludicrous, bordering on the insane.   

Unfortunately, too many Americans feel that abortion in America is not a monumental issue, that it is of no consequence or not nearly as consequential as other social issues or of economic and international challenges. 

Nevertheless,’s linkage of Obama’s flip and vacuous “above my pay grade” remark with a train/locomotive wreck is incisive.  By so doing, is effectively incorporating the abortion issue into the Obama administration’s vast pantheon of disasters, of its and our cataclysmic, national train wreck.

Frankly, it all sucks.