Ground Zero The  With the ninth anniversary of the deadly, unprovoked, sneak attack by Muslims–in PC language, the attack by a small band of disaffected Islamic militants–fast approaching, the noxious vermin are crawling out of the woodwork to do what vermin do best, spread pestilence. 

Imam Rauf and the Mosque:  We’ve heard a great deal of late of the particular vermin that plan to crown the great Islamic victory of September 11th, 2001 by doing what Muslims are wont to do after great victories.  Islam, Muslims, have traditionally emphasized their victories by erecting monuments, grand mosques, near or on the sites of those conquests.

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf plans to follow that tradition and add an extra-special exclamation point to the Islamic victory of 9/11 by not only building his monster mosque in proximity to the sacred ground of Ground Zero but by planning to open it, no doubt with great fanfare, ten years to the day after that great Islamic victory.

If nothing else, we have to grant Rauf the twenty first century’s Outstanding Chutzpa Award, an award conferred in recognition of his temerity, sense of ironic timing, and gross insensitivity to the still-open wounds of the survivors of 9/11 and their loved ones.

For a self-designated, peace-making bridge between Islam and the West, Rauf is astoundingly impervious to all sense of reason on his mosque, which he has every legal right to build even though by building it he will be infuriating millions of Americans. 

His failure to realize that is one possibility that may be circulating in the imam’s brain.

The other possibility is that he’s fully aware of of the emotional conflagration he would be igniting and that it’s fully his intent to start that fire, hoping to incite violence in order to establish a new front on American soil in Islam’s worldwide and ongoing war against Western civilization.

The imam returned stateside on Tuesday, fresh off an extended tour of the Mideast, all expenses paid by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, for some ungodly reason.  He hasn’t changed his tune or his mind on the monster mosque. 

  Burning the Q’uran:  I had initially felt that staging a mindless Q’uran-burning as is planned for 9/11 by the Gainesville, Florida pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center was precisely that, mindless, and that it probably would inflame already-inflamed Muslim passions.

Jones hopes his less-than-innovative and unsettling protest against Islam will gain international adherents for an “International Burn the Q’uran Day” on 9/11, a prospect that has given some observers a serious case of nervous diarrhea.

Case in point is Michael Haltman of the who, while decrying the very thought of appeasement, suggests we appease Islam. 

He fears that Pastor Jones’ tossing the Q’uran into the barbie “will most likely not be understood by the rank and file Muslims around the world as the protests over this past weekend have shown,”, and that therefore the burning should not be carried out.

Here’s a clue, Mikey: Virtually everything America and the West say or do is subject to misconstruction by rank and file Muslims and by Islamists.  For Jones to be influenced to cease and desist is appeasement.

Haltman goes on to say, “What we in the west do not want to do is to intentionally radicalize those who are not yet radical. This poses a danger to our troops overseas as well as to Americans around the world. . . [and would be] a public relations bonanza for [Islamic] radicals and a recruitment gift.”

What “we in the west” should be more concerned about is convincing those radicals even more than they are already convinced that America is weak, so weak that we will allow random fears alter how any American decides to protest against their declared jihad.  In any event, I don’t think those radicals suffer from any shortage of recruits.

In spite of General David Petraeus’ sincere trepidations that burning the Q’uran by some non-descript, insignificant, fringe Florida pastor on behalf of his non-descript, insignificant fringe parish could result in greater casualties among American forces, I now believe the burning should go forward.

Granted, Petraeus’ concerns are valid but of far greater concern should be that Pastor Jones’ caving to (some) public and official opinion by abandoning his Q’uran-burning would effectively embolden Islamic militants even more than a simple, paper-fueled fire. 

And do they really need an excuse, a pretense, to riot and kill our troops?

More to the point is the consideration of whether America should bow to the importunings of any raving people simply because the actions of some pastor would upset them?   I think not. 

America has tolerated the stomping and burning of our flag by Muslims.  American Christians have tolerated discrimination and abuse at the hands of Muslims.  America has been far too tolerant and lenient, by far.  

To allow Muslims to think they can intimidate any American to do their bidding is to reinforce their belief that the world is entering a new era of a revivified Islam willing and capable of Islamicizing that world.  

I would not like to think that Pastor Jones burning a Q’uran or two or three could result in the loss of a single soldier but I also would not want to contribute to the Muslim victory mindset shared by Imam Rauf. 

Let Muslims, finally, learn to be as tolerant as we have been, tolerant even of Muslims attacking us in the name of Allah and screaming, “Allahu akbar” as they slammed our planes into our World Trade Center and the Pentagon and a barren field in Shanksville without our reducing every Muslim nation on Earth to molten rubble.

Let Pastor Jones do his thing and let others who also wish to graphically advise Islam that we don’t give a flying fig if they get upset over the actions of private citizens. As long as the Q’uran-burnings are not official, government-sponsored or condoned acts, there is no rational excuse for widespread Muslim reaction.

As disturbing as it is to desecrate a holy book of any faith, we also need some perspective.  Will Muslims like us any better should we welcome a mosque at Ground Zero and Pastor Jones not burn Q’urans?

Anyone answering in the affirmative should visit Ground Zero.