USA Economy in  As thousands of mortgagors, many of whom wouldn’t qualify for mortgages in the real world, line up to be bailed out by the feds, as the nation’s recession birth rate falls to 2.7%, the lowest in a century, as Joint Chief of Staffs Chairman Mike Mullen warns that the national debt is endangering national security, President Nero Obama fiddles away, chows down on shrimp and lobster, golfs, parties with the other rich and famous on Martha’s Vineyard, and generally enjoys the hell out of his sixth vacation this year.

Is anyone minding the ranch?  It certainly isn’t our vice president who revels in his own, non-existent, Nirvana.   

It can’t yet be termed a double dipper, it certainly isn’t the Big Dipper, but VP Joe Biden’s sanguine reference some weeks ago to the summer of 2010 as “recovery summer” is turning out to be one of the dumbest and most presumptuous remarks our dumb and presumptuous vice president has made to date.

Even if Biden’s July mantra was only part of the administration’s campaign to convince the American people not to believe their lying eyes and those lying economic numbers and it wasn’t one his very original observations such as, “This is a f***ing big deal!” the term “Recovery Summer” has been hung around the VP’s neck like a dead economic albatross. 

And, not only is Recovery Summer 2010 collapsing into Relapse Summer 2010 but the administration doesn’t seem to much care or notice any more than they notice former rabid supporters turning on them as if they had a terminal dose of the plague.

When the CBO announces that Obama’s stimulus “may” have added 3.1 million jobs and lowered the unemployment rate by up to 1.7% in the second quarter and is unable to substantiate either of those bizarre claims and no one is able to locate any of those phantom jobs and the Commerce Department reports a paltry 1.7% GDP increase in that same quarter, people begin to wonder as should the Obamians.

When staunch Obamian from day one, David Letterman, begins cracking jokes about the sorry state of America’s financial affairs and refers to his former hero as a one-term president, which Letterman has been doing of late, Obamians might want to consider sitting up and taking notice even if, by force of habit, Dave and his writers still reserve their most scathing rips for George W. Bush.

A few days ago, Mort Zuckerman  However, when the media mogul, gazillionaire, highly-influential Mortimer B. Zuckerman pens an editorial for USN&WR titled, “The Fall of Barack Obama” and more recently writes that this Democrat Congress and this Democrat president “have now participated in the most fiscally irresponsible government in American history,” which he has,, the Obamians should not only take notice but begin packing their bags.

Those Zuckerman words would be fighting words if the administration had any weapons in its arsenal with which to fight back.

Personally, short of driving the United States into Third World status, I hope this government stays on its maniacally obtuse and self-destructive course for a while. 

America will survive but an abject, visible failure which even the MSM can’t conceal is the only way the country will be able to extricate itself from the economic disaster this government has created.  But, I digress.

Letterman, like Biden, is just a clown even if he is capable of swaying far more opinions than Biden ever could.  When Biden opens mouth and inserts foot, as he is wont to do frequently, through that redundancy the public has arrived at a point less characterized by serious interest than by a bemused acceptance of the boob Biden is.

Mort Zuckerman is rarely amusing nor does he often excite feelings of bemusement.  He’s hardly an oracle but when he talks or writes, just as with those old commercials by E.F. Hutton, people tend to listen.

Others are talking and writing as well and little of what they’re saying offers much solace for all those wannabe socialists now infesting our government.  They haven’t as yet been able to pull off a full socialist coup and may not succeed in that aim unless the economy devolves into a full-fledged depression when you and not just your neighbor are out of work.

The ultimate, sick irony would be that a Depression with its attendant desperation and the nation’s attendant vulnerabilities was their intent all along.

Executing that devious scheme, a designed Relapse Summer 2010 leading to Depression Summer 2011, would have made their philosophical mentor and inspiration, Saul Alinsky, proud indeed.

The citizenry may have ignominiously dumped Herbert Hoover last Depression around but Hoover was no Obama.  For all his flaws, Hoover was an ethical man who loved his country.

Economics has rightfully been called “the dismal science” and writing and reading about that science is no less dismal. 

Still, coming to a fundamental understanding of economics and the economy and how they function and directly affect every American is the best defense against economic tyrants.