Our March Break Vacations and  “V-A-See-A-T-I-O-N, we’re on vacation, we’re gonna have a ball!” (Connie Francis)

It may be antiquated and not “with it” today but a popular back-to-school, first week assignment to get kids back to the grind used to be to have them write about how they spent their summer vacations.  Most kids could write at least something on that easy topic.

If little Barry Obama were heading back to classes following summer vacation 2010, he would have a lot to write about.  If he included where and how he spent this year’s vacations, to date, he could almost literally write volumes.

Compliments of IOwntheWorld.com, we present this pictorial insight into how our commander-in-chief, our president, our leader and chief bottle-washer, (who had vowed, “I will not rest until everyone has a job, a good wage, and benefits,”), has been spending his last vacation during this, America’s “recovery summer.”

Suffice to say, Obama, now being termed President Clark Griswold in a few quarters, has never, ever rested on his laurels nor on his vacations.   Maybe he simply forgot that pledge to the American people and forgot those many millions of Americans still without a job, still without a good wage, and still without benefits.

Then, however, it would seem he has a surprisingly bad memory for such a smart dude since he’s forgotten any number of pledges and promises.

The pictures depict the president and First Lady thoroughly enjoying some ice cream during their vacation up there in the playground of the very rich and very famous, Martha’s Vineyard, where, for some very bizarre reason, GWB tee shirts were outselling BHO tee shirts.

  obama-ice-cream.jpg obama icecream image by i00wattz       http://www.dosomething.org/files/pictures/Pic%202%20-%20Obama%20eating%20ice%20cream.jpg 

IOwntheWorld.com interprets those and other pics as at least vaguely sexual but I choose not to go there. I can observe that those photos of the Obamas do not include any of Sasha and Malia who, assumably, were in attendance on this latest Obamaian sojourn. 

Perhaps Sasha was still tuckered out by her camping expedition and Malia was still flabbergasted, distracted and fatigued after her and her mom’s recent trip to Spain.  There  they bunked at the super-posh Vila Padierna on the Costa del Sol and were feted as royalty by their fellow Spanish royals at the Marivent Palace on Majorca, to the tune of at least $375,000, compliments of the American taxpayers. 

Michelle, obviously, is no slouch, either, when it comes to extravagant vacationing.

It’s not as if presidents shelve presidential duties at the White House when they vacation.  For example, it’s being reported that up in New England Obama was engaged in in-depth discussions of the economy with billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

And billionaires know bunches about economics.

The POTUS and the MONYC spent all of 15 minutes in those discussions before heading to the driving range followed by a round of 18 holes: http://tiny.cc/rkt3p 

Lord only knows, POTUS must also have picked the billionaire MONYC brain and they surely discussed unemployment, inflation, deflation, stagflation and a whole host of other economic issues during their game.

Obama also found time to plug the Gulf Coast shellfishing industry better than he plugged the hole in the floor of the Gulf by pointing out to reporters that, “Hey, guys, I’m buying shrimp!”  

No reference was made, however, to his or Michele’s or Sasha’s or Malia’s eating any shrimp. 

Frankly, I don’t know how many vacations Obama has taken this year.  No one seems to know for sure.  Some say six, and there have definitely been three since the Gulf oil disaster and then there’s the day count: Who spent more time away from the White House, Bush or Obama.

Bush may or may not have him beat on that one but it’s more a question of appearances.  

When president, GWB wisely quit playing golf and otherwise displaying most other outward and inappropriate signs of having a jolly good time.  While America was waging war on two fronts with our brave men and women fighting, getting wounded, and dying, it was deemed unseemly for their commander in chief to be seen partying.

Such displays were deemed not only inappropriate; they also could conceivably have undermined troop morale.  

Instead, Bush customarily retreated to his Crawford ranch where he, as Ronald Reagan had before him on his Rancho del Cielo, cut brush and performed other mundane tasks in addition to tending to always-pressing presidential obligations.

Even then Bush was widely castigated by the mainstream media for taking excessive vacation time. 

Now that MSM is comparing and contrasting Bush’s brush-cutting vacation days with Obama’s hobnobbing, golfing, fun and sun-filled days and rarely if ever criticizes the Obamas’ many public vacations, taken while those same wars are still being waged and our brave troops are still fighting, being wounded, and dying.

The Obamas are evidently more entitled people than previous presidents and first families.   I guess presidential  entitlements, as well as presidential discretion, have evolved.