Liberal Thoughts  Trying to keep up with the news nowadays is like liberals/leftists/”progressives” trying to make sense of their lives and trying to fit themselves into their advertised profile of caring, generous, sensitive lovers of humanity and all things that live on God’s green Earth.

It’s nigh near impossible. 

Of course, we should strike the word “God” from that last phrase since most libs/lefts/”progs” either don’t adhere to a belief in the Almighty or don’t believe that He was in any way a participant in making the United States of America the exceptional nation that it still is despite their efforts to alter that.

We should also qualify that concern for “all things living” since pre-born babies don’t count.

Nevertheless, let’s give a shot at keeping abreast of things going on in the world on two fronts, mosques and glaciers:

The Mosque of  The Monster Mosque and Its Monstrous Supporters:

The extraordinarily contentious issue of whether Muslims should build a mosque 2 1/2 blocks from Ground Zero where almost nine years ago other Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center and, by downing those two iconic towers, destroyed 2,996 innocent lives, was brought to a head last week when those who oppose and those who support the mosque gathered to demonstrate their opposition or support.

Islam’s constitutional right to erect such an edifice has never disputed.  Islam’s discretion and sensitivity toward the feelings of 9/11 survivors and loved ones and its sensitivities toward every New Yorker or American who died a little that day are the chief issues of contention.  

At those Ground Zero rallies on August 22nd, 2010, the two opposing forces met, head to head, virtually mano-a-mano.  It can’t be said that one side vanquished the other but it can readily be said that one side, those standing in opposition to the mosque, emerged the moral victors, at least based on a video clip of one confrontation.

An elderly man, who identified himself as a Holocaust survivor and who opposed the mosque, was captured on tape in a very heated discussion with a dissheveled, foul-mouthed mosque-supporter.

The discussion can be witnessed here:

Aside from repeatedly–about a dozen times–dropping Joe Biden’s favorite F-bomb on the old man, Mr. Dissheveled displayed his liberal tolerance by calling him ”stupid, . . .violent . . . unpatriotic, treason (sic) piece of garbage” and “old,” as if that were a vile epithet.

The redeeming factor in the clip is that it concludes with a rousing rendition of “God Bless America” sung by the “treason (sic) piece of garbage” and his fellow mosque-opposers, which sure as hell beats any rendition of “Alahu Akhbar” set to music.

(Mosque Sidenote:  Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, the chief imam behind the Ground Zero mosque, has spilled the beans on our president’s speech to Muslims in Cairo last year during one of his world apology tours.  Rauf is now saying parts of that address were cribbed from his book which explains, in part, why it was such a simpering, suck-up-to-Islam address:

These sibling glaciers on the  Himalayan Glaciers:  The Warmists Are Coming, the Warmists Are Coming!

There once was a time when the liberal/leftist/”progressive” fear-mongerers relied on terrifying the planet with dire predictions of a worldwide, nuclear holocaust if we all didn’t accept their “Better Red than Dead” defeatist philosophy and surrender in advance to the tender mercies of the U.S.S.R. 

Sadly for the lefties, the good guys won, the Russians lost, in that decades-long Cold War. 

Today, the libs/lefts/”progs” have a whole new bogey man and this time around they have the full and enthused backing of an international body, the United Nations.  Their primary tool used to win over desparate hearts and gullible minds to get their way could be termed, “The floods are coming, the floods are coming” due to, what else? global warming. 

Undeterred by the collapse of last December’s world climate conference fiasco in Copenhagen, which followed the lack of embarrassment over the revelations of Climategate which showed that the warmists had been cooking the global warming books and data at East Anglia University, and undismayed by the developed world’s populace gradually coming to a realization that the whole global warming charade is indeed a charade, the warmists keep plugging away.

The less than developed, undeveloped Third World, led by the U.N.’s majority from those needy nations, are leading the global warming charge and must be disappointed that, one mo’ time, their plug has been pulled.

It seems there’s a whole lot of (frozen) water up in them thar Himalayan hills and we’ve been warned for decades now that all that all that dampness is heading our way and will soon be inundating coasts and cities and backyards and living rooms as the glaciers melt because of man’s inhumanity to Earth.

Well, Surprise!  It certainly isn’t the only surprise about the global warming scam and it’s not even new news.  It’s just forgotten news in this summer of blistering heat when the Gorebalists like to toss out, “See!  We told you so’s.” 

Warmists tend to dismiss crippling winter cold as an aberration caused by, What else? global warming! 

The impressively-titled and unimpressively-dishonest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has proven once again that if judging a book by its cover is an inaccurate standard then judging a “panel” by its name is even more misleading.

Them thar Himalayan hills, aka big mountains, aren’t just hills.  They also serve as reservoirs:  “The Himalayas hold the planet’s largest body of ice outside the polar caps–an estimated 12,000 cubic kilometres of water.  They feed many of the world’s great rivers–the Ganges, the Indus, the Brahmaputra–on which hundreds of millions of people depend.”

What better way, then, to scare the blazes out of the peoples of the Ganges, the Indus, the Brahmaputra, (as opposed to the Kama Sutra), that their reservoir was melting far too rapidly and would soon not simply provide their water supply but drown them than to blame it all on that viper, that sinister force of global warming?

Those inveterate and professional caring, generous, sensitive, lovers of all humanity–with the exception of those pre-borns–immediately jumped aboard the Global Warming Express to help save the people of the Ganges, the Indus, the Brahmaputra. 

Concerns that their posh pads and retreats in Lower Manhattan, the Mediterranean, in Bali, the Costa del Sol, East Hampton were irrelevant.  Liberals are all people-people.

The only flaw in the lib/leftist/”prog” ointment was that the entire Himalayan glacier melt induced panic was that it was all fraudulent, predicated on “wildly inaccurate” data which, at best, was 300 years off target.  “Leading glaciologists say the report has caused confusion and ‘a catalogue of errors in Himalayan glaciology:’ ”

If you’re a scientist, you just have to love scientific neologisms such as “glaciologists.”  If you’re a reasonable person, you just have to despise phony scientific and lib/left/”prog” deceptions.