“Restoring Honor” rally at  The results are in on Saturday’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington and the news isn’t good for the news media.

The MSM seem to become arithmetically-challenged when it comes to counting heads at conservative gatherings or, dare I suggest, once again biased against reporting the truth at those get-togethers for the purpose of slanting their reporting. 

It happened just over a year ago at the 2009 “9/12 Project’s” March on Washington organized by former Repubican Rep. Dick Armey, the Freedom Works Foundation, and Glenn Beck which drew upwards of a million participants to D.C.  The mainstream media reported that thousands and upwards of 100,000 were in attendance.

Now, that’s a highly significant undercount especially since hundreds of pictures clearly revealed that the crowds were far more massive than “thousands” or even a paltry hundred thousand. 

Why the liberal mainstream media feel compelled to lie and distort attendance numbers, inflating liberal rally figures and deflating conservative turn-outs, is no mystery, however.

That compulsion and that distortion are rooted in a deep-seated insecurity as to the honesty and validity of their leftist beliefs but, even worse, they reflect a contempt for the integrity of their journalistic profession and a total disregard for their ethical responsibilities.

Restoring Honor Bus Plans  It happened again at the Beck non-partisan Restoring Honor rally last Saturday which by happenstance took place on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s memorable “I Have a Dream” speech and at the same venue, the Lincoln Memorial.

CBS estimated the crowd at 83,000, ABC at “more than 100,000,” NBC said, “tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands, the Associated Press described a ”sea of people standing shoulder to shoulder” as a crowd numbering “tens of thousands.”  Beck and special guest Sarah Palin guessed anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000 and Rep. Michelle Bachman a cool million:  http://tiny.cc/zthma

Bachman’s guess was probably the result of overly-enthused wishful thinking but she’s not in the news business.  CBS, NBC, ABC, and the AP are in that business and knew damned well the conservative turnout on Saturday was far in excess of their purposeful undercounting. 

To publicize such wild and unsubstantiated guesstimates represents a betrayal of their formerly honorable profession.  It serves as additional testimony that America’s liberal MSM, a redundancy if there ever was one, has degenerated into what can be termed less an independent Fourth Estate than another, lame appendage of the Democrat Party.

A distinct ostensible advantage in the MSM’s failed effort to portray Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, just as it was with last year’s 9/12 Project, just as it is with Tea Party protests, as peripheral, sparsely-attended, extreme right wing, bigoted conservative splinter groups, is that the MSM can perpetuate the canard that no minorities are permitted in the Republican tent.

WorldNetDaily.com exposes that lie in its article, “Glenn Beck Crowd: Not So White as Advertised:” http://tiny.cc/5w4br.

Text demands pictures and extended text calls for details.  That text may have made reference to proud conservatives such as Day Gardner, Dave Roever, Ron Miller, and a lady named, Alveda King.  The pictures may have shown them to be African-Americans and the story may have of necessity identified Alveda King as the conservative niece of Dr. Martin Luther King.

As Roever said, “They’re hoping their agenda will survive, but I don’t think it will.  I’ve never seen my country like this. I didn’t go to Vietnam and get my face blown off, my fingers blown off, my body damaged and wounded beyond repair for what this government’s doing right now.” 

I hope you’re right but fear you’re wrong, Dave. 

What this government’s doing right now is horrendous and despicable.  Thanks to the complicity of the mass media, they may pull it off and your incredible sacrifices and invaluable assistance in Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally will have gone for nought. 

Dave, let’s hope and pray that your hopes are on target and that my trepidations are way off the mark.