So much has been written and said about so-called “Birthers,” those people who question Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen,” and so-called “Truthers,” those who question the official account of the events on September 11th, 2001, that it’s nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The wheat, that is, the truth, is there, somewhere buried deep beneath all the chaff, the baloney and propaganda, but unearthing that truth is no simple matter for someone who has never subscribed to either the Birther or Truther alleged conspiracies.

The Birther controversy was examined in Part One.  Today, the 9/11 Truthers.

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Now that the ninth anniversary of what is easily the most godawful day in American history, September 11th, 2001, has passed without the threatened Qur’an burnings in Florida–thanks to the persuasive words and strong arms of the FBI–we can sit back and await the momentous tenth anniversary which may see a mosque overshadowing Ground Zero.

   One group of people won’t be sitting back, however.  The 9/11 Truthers, aka 9/11 Skeptics, aka Truth Activists, rarely sit back. 

They believe in their gut that the United States government and/or President George W. Bush somehow, in some way, planned/caused/executed/allowed/consented to (choose one or more of the foregoing) the hijacking of four American airliners and flying them into the World Trade Center towers, into the Pentagon, and into the ground at Shanksville, PA.  

responses from “truthers”,  On face value, the Truthers’ case would have to be considered the most preposterous of all conspiracy theories, the most outrageous accusations against its government by its people, a reflection of a bitterness and cynicism so complete and sinister that they could conceive of their leadership murdering 3,000 innocents to accomplish their own Machiavellian ends.

I don’t buy it but I have to admit these Truthers raise troubling and still unanswered questions about 9/11.

I started out with ingrained opinions on the Truthers but, as with the Birthers, I try to be as objective as possible, one reason being that I promised a good friend, a closet Truther, that I would strive for objectivity.

First, a disclaimer: There is admittedly no way within the planned scope of the present examination of Truthers to even suggest this will be an exhaustive study.  Many volumes have already been written on the subject.   Instead, what I plan to do is present a review, a very general overview of the Truther position, hopefully with a less-jaundiced eye of that movement than is usually seen.

I concede that I approached the Truthers with a very jaundiced eye, viewing them, as I believe the majority of people do, as somewhat whacko and mostly consisting of professional conspiratorialists, ornery anti-government leftists who would as soon send their mothers to the gallows as demonstrate any degree of patriotism.

I discovered that many Truthers are somehat whacko, professional conspiratorialists, ornery leftists but that there are some, many in fact, including yours truly, who seriously feel the final and authoritative findings of the 9/11 Commission Report were a bad joke.

What is widely believed is that that report concealed almost as much as it revealed about 9/11.

The anti-Truthers, however, sometimes verge on the hysterical and irrational such as the pretentious which describes Truthers as, “sanctimonious pricks who believe in absurd conspiracy theories blaming the US Government for 9/11 butthurt, when it is obvious that Jews were responsible for the attacks. While the truthers usually then counter that Jews control the government as well and therefore the government was responsible, this ignores the fact that in the end, it’s still really the Jews that are the most proximate cause.”

That alone should give pause to Truthers.

Jewish complicity in 9/11 is primarily based on the fact that Israel was the only nation on the planet that benefitted from the horror of 9/11 in that those attacks deflected attention from Israeli aggression.  That and the story, since buried, that three Israelis witnessed and wildly applauded the WTC attacks from a nearby roof.

The Truther argument boils down to this: Someone, or someones, in the United States government allowed 9/11 to happen.  The identity of those someones and their motivation  is rarely spelled out but range from suggesting George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as the Doctor Strangeloves to their insatiable need for an excuse to start wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Truther specifics are vague at best, their proofs non-existent, their theories wild and multitudinous. 

Their ideas presuppose the complicity of the executive branch, including the FBI, the CIA, and God knows how many other federal agencies who would have had to be involved–not to mention the absolute ignorance of an oblivious Congress– all united in a perverse plot to perpetrate horrendous atrocities upon the mainland of the United States.

Again, I don’t buy it perhaps because of my naiveté in refusing to accept that our government could be so evil and corrupt, perhaps because I refuse to succumb to the negativity and cynicism often associated with elders.

What I do buy and believe is that, by and large, Truthers are disturbed America-haters who would believe anything and everything that reflects badly on our country.  I also believe, chiefly in respect to the collapse of WTC Building 7 on 9/11, that there are still major questions that demand answers by the powers-that-be.

Should those answers, those explanations, continue indefinitely to be evasive and  inconclusive after 9 years, the preposterous allegations of the Truthers just may gain some credibility.

Their questions as to WTC Building 7 and why it fell are especially disconcerting.

Part Three: WTC Building 7