“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare, it’s fitting to consider the quality of the mind of the person who proposed and foisted that abominable legislation on the American people.  

Ghostface: Ayo whattup niggas.  Before, during, and following the last presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama was presented to the American people and the planet as a scholarly, articulate, and charismatic savior who would masterfully lead and transform the nation and restore respect for America in the collective eyes of the rest of the world. 

During his relatively brief tenure as the most powerful man in the universe, the president has indeed transformed the United States, although his version of change hasn’t been what most Americans expected. 

Obama has transformed the economy into a virtual basket case, has created deficits and national debts which our children and grandchildren will be repaying throughout their lives, has been a simpering apologist for America’s exceptionalism, and has turned America into an international joke. 

If upheld by SCOTUS, the Affordable Health Care for America Act will simply be the capstone of Obama’s socialistic policies, if not the gravestone for America’s economic viability.  

And, all because Obama was misrepresented as a brilliant mind, a “constitutional scholar,” who would lead the country into the future while he leads us into Third World oblivion and ignores the Constitution.      

Those millions of voters who saw through the charlatan candidate and resisted the urge to vote for him out of a sense of black pride or misplaced white guilt knew all along he was absurdly unqualified and inexperienced to serve as chief executive and commander-in-chief.  We were more amazed that more foreigners seemed to be taken in by him than the 69,456,897 who cast their ballots for him in 2008. 

Barack Obama may yet be re-elected in November by the same sheeple who fell for his empty promises of change last time around but many foreigners have long since seen through his vacuousness, have noticed the gaffe-prone “scholar” is even dumber than George W. Bush was reputed to be, and have come to the realization that, absent his trusty teleprompters, Obama is a braindead dolt who can only repeat hollow words and phrases.   

Thomas Buch-Andersen, host of the Danish TV show Detektor, is one European who dared to buck the conventional wisdom that Obama can think on his own, devoid of scripted inanities dictated by his handlers

Buch-Anderson recently pointed out that Obama consistently uses the same trite, meaningless terminology when speaking to leaders of every ally who visits the White House. 

Buch-Anderson noted that the president time and again employs identical words to describe Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, the Phillipines, Australia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, South Korea, Israel, France, Italy, and Japan. 

Obama either tells the leaders of those countries in a lame, repetative boxing metaphor that they ”have punched above their weight in international affairs” or that America “has no stronger ally than” the Danes, the Norwegians, et al. and tells some of them that they’re both good punchers and among our strongest allies. 

See the 4 minute segment of Buch-Anderson deriding the president of the United States at http://bit.ly/GKSHVD. 

The saddest reality of a Dane ridiculing Obama and, by inference, America, which provides safeguards for continued Danish existence, is not the ridicule itself but what it implies.  It implies a contempt for the United States due to a president who can’t think or speak originally or intelligently when he doesn’t have a script.  

Obama acolytes have defended his frequent public misstatements, his foot in mouth disease, and his blatant lies as the consequence of his incomparable brilliance which sometimes interferes with his verbal articulations. 

I suggest Obama is an overachieving boob who has perpetrated the most outrageous flim-flam since Jimmy Carter and Warren Harding duped voters into thinking they were qualified to be president.