Aesop’s shepherd boy cried wolf so often that villagers didn’t believe him when a very hungry wolf was really stalking his flock and the wolf ate all the sheep.  Morals: Don’t lie and, when you do, you shouldn’t expect anyone to believe you when you finally tell the truth. 

(See “The Trayvon Martin Bonfire,”, and “America’s One-Sided Race Card,”

Those morals should be studied by blacks agitating for the condemnation and execution of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida on February 26th, 2012. 

Since the case went national, we have witnessed an almost unprecedented upheaval attended by astounding lies and distortions from black leaders.  Not since Rodney King was portrayed as an innocent and large areas of Los Angeles were burned to the ground in 1992 have we seen such an outpouring of organized venom and mischaracterizations designed to instigate public discord. 

Any untimely death is a tragedy and the death of a young man is especially tragic.  However, the circus atmosphere created by professional race-baiters, by the media, and by  Martin’s parents in the wake of the shooting is a shameful disgrace which only serves to needlessly stir up racial animosity and demean Trayvon’s memory.       

Contrary to initial knee-jerk media coverage but according to the Sanford Police Department’s “Incident Report,” Zimmerman, a part-hispanic, registered Democrat, shot and killed Martin after the muscular, six-foot two inch Martin ambushed the overweight neighborhood watchman and pummeled him while he was merely doing his job watching the gated neighborhood in Sanford. 

  There can be no reasonable doubt as to Zimmerman’s injuries.  Police first attempted to resuscitate Martin and then administered first aid to Zimmerman who was bleeding from his nose and head, and a laceration is visible on the back of his head in a survellance video shot at the police station. 

Statements were taken from six people who witnessed the attack in whole or part.    

See the Sanford Police Department report here 

That neighborhood will never be the same, not because of Zimmerman’s self-defensive actions but because Trayvon Martin has become a cause célèbre for fomentors of black rage, a dead but potent tool to stir up racial strife, the bread and butter for such people as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and the New Black Panther Party. 

As they continue to arouse racial passions in black communities and as mostly-black high school and college students throughout the country stage misguided protest marches in solidarity with Martin–and as an excuse to get out of classes–George Zimmerman has been forced into hiding for his life. 

Spike Lee’s incorrect posting of Zimmerman’s home address on Twitter probably wasn’t as much a factor in the neighborhood watcher’s fear as the New Black Panther Party’s posting of a “Dead or Alive” notice with a million dollar bounty on his head. 

That patently-obvious death threat has escaped the notice of Florida authorities, the president of the United States, and the MSM.  

Also escaping notice by the president is the mindless Florida murders of British student tourists, James Cooper and James Kouzaris, by convicted 17 year old African-American Shawn Tyson.  Their parents correctly attribute his disinterest to the lack of ”political value” in their deaths. ( 

More recent picture  There are tons of political value in Trayvon Martin, however. 

Ignoring the inflammatory rhetoric of Obama supporters, Messrs. Jackson, et al., the rant on the floor of the House of Representatives by Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, the statements by the farcically-hoodied and unreconstructed former Black Panther Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush, and the sudden marketing of an Obama hoodie by the Obama campaign, Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, blamed the GOP for playing politics.     

Employing the strategy of the best defense is a good offense, Cutter said on MSNBC, ”His Republican opponents have jumped all over him because they do want to play politics with this issue. . . this was a tragedy and we need to let the investigation take its course.” ( 

What hypocrisy!  What chutzpa!  What contempt for truth!  

Poet John Donne wrote, “Any man’s death diminishes me,/ because I am involved in mankind./ And therefore never send to know for whom/ the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” 

America is diminished when lies are reported as truth.  The African-American community is diminished when it substitutes racist propaganda for reality.  Fundamental morality and common values are diminished when we lose sight of truth.  The bell tolls for all of us if George Zimmerman is convicted of murdering Trayvon Martin.