Commenting on the February killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, said on MSNBC last week that President Barack Hussein Obama’s ”Republican opponents have jumped all over him because they do want to play politics with this issue.” 

In apparent reference to Obama’s inappropriate intrusion in a local matter and making it personal by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” Ms. Cutter went on to  add that, “The President spoke from his heart on this, it was trying to empathize with some parents who had just lost a child.  By any measure, this was a tragedy and we need to let the investigation take its course.” (

Ms. Cutter is in serious need of a reality check.   

As with the 2009 incident between Cambridge cop, Sgt. Joe Crowley, and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., when Ms. Cutter’s boss rushed to judgement and alleged Crowley acted “stupidly” without knowing any details about the confrontation, the president has again acted stupidly by intruding himself in the investigation. 

Coincidentally, that intrusion occurred just eight months before a national election as Obama is trying to shore up his black and minority bases.

Trayvon Martin Shooting  It is the president, his rabid supporters such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and the New Black Panther Party, and his mainstream media who have shamelessly exploited the death of Trayvon Martin.  

Even if Republicans wanted to politicize Martin’s death, what political gain could be achieved by exploiting the shooting a black youth? 

The only advantage that could be gained would accrue to Democrats and their media lapdogs to use the shooting to tar Republicans with a racist label and as a tool to push for tighter gun control, both of which efforts have already begun and neither of which makes much sense.

George Zimmerman  First of all, George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat and half Latino so, if blame must be assigned, blame Democrats and minorities. 

Second of all, since the Democrat Party is hell-bent on gutting the Second Amendment, their focus should be on the African-American community where most gun crimes are committed and where there exists justifiable fear of black men.    

In a rare excursion into honesty, Rev. Jesse Jackson said in March, 1996, “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery.  Then look around and see somebody White and feel relieved.”   

As President Barack Hussein Obama admitted in March, 2008, his white grandmother feared black men who passed her on the street.  He also said in The Audacity of Hope that to fear a black person on the street more than a white person is a racial “stereotype” that is “bred” into us.   

Rev. Jackson’s and Madelyn Dunham’s fears of black men are well-grounded. 

Only the most disturbed white supremacist would claim that all black men are dangerous, violent criminals and such beliefs are indeed stereotypical.  Nevertheless, as incorrect as stereotypes can be, they often have a foundation and aren’t “bred” into us as much as they are the products of reasonable deductions predicated on observations and statistics.  

For example, fairly recent stats on murders in America show that 48% are committed by whites versus a disproportionate 51.2% by black people who represent just 13% of the population. ( 

In fact, blacks are six times more likely to murder than whites, a bitter truth that seems to be indicative of their being both very dangerous and extremely violent.  

Most black crime–including murder–are committed against other blacks but, since the election of the first semi-black president who preached racial healing, those black on white attacks have mushroomed. 

The distorted politicizing and heartless exploitation of Trayvon Martin by liberals is only superseded by their craven hypocrisy in attacking George Zimmerman for being suspicious of a hoodied black man, a stranger walking on the street, in the rain, in the dark, carrying an unknown object, circumstances which would have aroused fear even in the hearts of Jessie Jackson and Obama’s grandmother.  

Perhaps Zimmerman should not have shot and killed Martin, and perhaps he would have been murdered had he not.  Either way, it would be reasonable to have waited for a full investigation before condemning the shooter.