Rush Limbaugh is at it again.  After the FOX News Channel, Rush Limbaugh has been the most potent voice of conservatism in America for a generation, a virtual dagger in the sides of liberals who, until the advent of FOX and the growth and popularity of talk radio, had enjoyed a decades-long monopoly on what and how news was reported and whose opinions would be heard by the public. 

FOX has long been in the liberal crosshairs as has Limbaugh but, most recently, Rush has been the liberal target of choice since they believe they could more easily take down and destroy an individual than a billion dollar cable network. 

As with the lib campaign to discredit Glenn Beck, who completely recovered after a concerted effort by Media Matters for America, George Soros’, and other left wing organizations to silence him, they have failed miserably in their quest to destroy Limbaugh by targeting his advertisers. 

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi admitted that the claim that over a hundred advertisers had dumped Limbaugh was a fraud and he conceded the defeat of the left’s six week boycott on those advertisers even if they haven’t yet given up the fight.  ( 

The end result of the battle?  Rush lost 2 small market stations of the 600 total that carry his show and 5 advertisers, some of which have tried to return and have been told where to go, and it isn’t to Rush.   

The mistake the left consistently makes is underestimating the commitment–and the intelligence–of America’s conservatives.  Liberals are so devoid of integrity and the perspective that comes with that quality that they fail to understand the nature of conservatives and conservatism. 

Libs are so obtuse that they’re unable to grasp the conservative committment to truth and don’t realize the right isn’t fooled by phony issues the left dredges up such as the now-infamous Sandra Fluke Slut Affair since they are so accustomed to duping their followers with ease.  

Rush apologized for his thoughtless Fluke remark to no avail as far as leftists were concerned–the same leftists who blithely overlook far more outrageous slurs against women uttered by their fellows in the media with rare apologies. 

show host Bill Maher,   With impunity, foul mouths like Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin a “c*nt” and a “dumb twat” and be excused by Obama’s hatchet man David Axelrod.  Vile morons like Ed Schultz can characterize Laura Ingraham as “a talk slut,” Republicans as Nazis, and wish former VP Dick Cheney were dead.   Mike Malloy can refer to Rep. Bachmann as a “hatemonger” and an evil bitch.  Matt Taibbi can blog about Michelle Malkin “with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth.” 

Yet, Rush Limbaugh is the misogynist?  Yup, in the twisted left dictionary! 

I have a few news flashes for liberals.  One, your hypocrisy and contempt for women are showing and two, both FOX News and Rush Limbaugh will be around long after liberalism is exposed for what it is, a despicable, hateful, and deceitful ideology more suited for the old Soviet Union than for America.