The mainstream media just love scandals whether they have any basis in fact or not.  If those scandals involve race or sex, all the better.  If they have both, it’s a bonanza.  If they serve to perpetuate racial division, it’s orgasmic! 

Scandalous rumors sell papers and entice viewers to tune in and instigate many to use up their copious spare time by taking to the streets and protesting, regardless of whether they understand the issues or not.  It’s something to do.  

In view of what rumors tend to arouse the demonstrators and cause them to protest, wave placards, and chant mindless slogans, their protests should be classified as expressions of selective indignation since not all terrible reports bother them in the least. 

For example, frequent and verifiable news stories of African-Americans brutally attacking and killing Caucasians or blacks murdering their fellow blacks never bring out slews of blacks to march and condemn the violence which is tearing apart the black community as well as the fabric of American society. 

I guess there is just so much time for agitators to stage demonstrations and protestors to protest and certain violence doesn’t merit attention from them–or from the national media.      

Trayvon Martin Shooting  Phony scandals inciting mindless protesting has become one of America’s favorite outdoor sports.  The Trayvon Martin affair is the latest divertissement for the protesting class but it is hardly the first example of selective indignation and certainly will not be the last.        

The chief problem with African-American upheavals is that they have so often been proven to be outrageous lies. 

The jury is still out on the Trayvon Martin affair.  Black race-hucksters have already tried, convicted, and sentenced George Zimmerman to death in a rush to publicity but the truth of that tragedy is slowly leaking out that Trayvon Martin was hardly an innocent saint and George Zimmerman is far from a racist demon, despite initial MSM reports to the contrary. 

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that Martin assaulted Zimmerman and uttered death threats and he is alleged to have been a low-life, drug-pushing thief and gang-banger. 

Both blacks and whites have defended Zimmerman, he is on record as lodging a racism complaint against the same white cops who responded to the scene of the shooting, and ABC and NBC have admitted they intentionally doctored reports and audio tapes to falsely show he is a racist. 

The networks never admitted their unethical, biased purpose of sanctifying Martin and crucifying Zimmerman in the interests of political correctness and placating black demagogues.      

When the Florida special prosecutor announces the results of her findings, the hucksters will no doubt reject the truth just as they denied the realities in the notorious cases of Tawana Brawley of Wappingers Falls, New York and Crystal Gail Mangum of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Agitation always trumps reality for race-baiters. 

In the event Tawana’s racist fabrications have been forgotten, back on November 27th,  1987, 15 year old Tawana simply had to see a former boyfriend, Todd Buxton, then a prisoner in a local jail.  As any self-respecting teenage girl would do, she skipped school and took a bus to visit him.  

Four days later, Tawana returned and was seen secreting herself in a large green garbage bag.  When she was finally “rescued,” her clothing was ripped, torn, burned, and covered with feces and and “KKK,” “NIGGER” and “BITCH” were emblazoned on her chest and torso. 

Tawana claimed she had been “abducted by several white men shortly after she got off the bus; the men, one of whom wore a badge, took her to a wooded area and sexually abused her over a period of several days.”  Amazingly she was unable to identify any of her attackers who had repeatedly raped and sexually abused her for four days.

If an Oscar is ever awarded for twisted imagination, Tawana should get one in addition to an award for best supporting actress in a farce.  

When CNN hired Elliot Spitzer  Tawana Brawley’s baseless allegations were subsequently shown to be blatant lies born of her fear of being punished for running away.  Etching “KKK,” “NIGGER” and “BITCH” on her body may have been her way of winning sympathy and gaining attention as yet another victim of vicious, white racists. 

Why she covered herself in what forensic tests established was the excrement of a neighbor’s dog is still a mystery.   

Whatever her motives, Tawana became a cause celebre for the Rev. Al Sharpton and other race-baiters who gained fame and fortune by adopting her cause and touting her abuse to gullible, PC talk show hosts before she was exposed as fraud.      

The matter was fully investigated by a grand jury which determined Tawana Brawley was a liar, that she had concocted a huge deception, and that Sharpton et al. had known all along her claims were total fabrications.  Sharpton and Company and Brawley were later sued by a D.A. they had defamed and implicated.  Sharpton and his cohorts were ordered by a court to pay him $345,000 and Brawley was ordered to cough up  $185,000. 

To date, neither has paid up, Sharpton has since become a millionaire, host of an MSNBC show, and blowhard Trayvon Martin advocate, and Brawley has moved to D.C., changed her name to Maryam Muhammad, still denies she is a liar, and now speaks at civil rights rallies. 

Read the whole sordid Tawana Brawley-Al Sharpton tale, a foreshadowing of the Trayvon Martin tale, here

Who was it who said, Honesty is the best policy?          

NEXT: Former North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong is hoisted on the same racist petard.