Apparently, the effects of decades of living in a socialist, diverse paradise are catching up with our cousins across the Pond.

“Why is everyone so bloody miserable?” asks Tom Harris, Labor Member of Parliament, who’s “tired of the ‘crippling levels of cynicism and pessimism’ in British society.”

Let’s just examine the possible causes of that malaise and negativism.  A long history of despoiling the planet, of conquering much of the known world and a bloody subjugation of its closest neighbor, Ireland?  The subsequent collapse of that same British Empire?  A descent into socialism which effectively deprives the individual of his personhood?   A resulting disintegration of the character and moral fiber of the nation and its people?

Or, could it be a vision of a future in which Muslims will rule their small island and which already has instilled a fear of flying the British flag in its capital?” 

Some two million Muslims, mostly concentrated in what is prophetically nicknamed “Londonistan,”  have been exerting their influence–as they have in other European nations such as Holland and France–by demonstrating and rioting to get their demands heard and heeded.

Or, could it be a combination of all of the above that is making the Brits so bloody miserable?

The truth may be found in the pages of my book, An Immodest Proposal for Ending and Winning the War on Terror.  Indeed, we are in such a war and my proposal isn’t a pretty one but it is an essential one if America is to survive and prosper as a free country  

Britain’s other national ailments are simply contributing factors to why it may be the first European casualty in that war.  As Tony Blankley suggests in his book, The West’s Last Chance:  Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations? America may have to go it alone.