When CNN hired Elliot Spitzer “Trayvon and Tawana,” (http://bit.ly/HskbLq), drew a number of parallels between the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the 1987 racial hoax perpetrated by Tawana Brawley and aided and abetted by career African-American agitator, Rev. Al Sharpton. 

Just as Martin’s shooting by George Zimmerman has created a firestorm of protests against assumed racist profiling and bigotry, Brawley’s case was accompanied by the involvement of Sharpton and others of his ilk seeking publicity and an unquenchable thirst for racial unrest. 

Just as with Trayvon Martin, the bases of Brawley’s claims were false, a tissue of lies that unraveled under official scrutiny. 

Both Tawana Brawley’s inflammatory and destructively false accusations and those of Crystal Mangum provided templates for the never-ending campaign to tar white Americans as hateful bigots in the face of facts that prove the exact reverse.      

Crystal Gail Mangum, an enterprising, black 27 year old student at North Carolina Central University, helped pay the bills by working as an “escort” and stripper for her pimps at the Allure Escort Service. 

Long, seamy story short: Mangum was hired by members of the Duke University lacrosse team to “perform” for them at their off-campus residence for $800.  She showed up gloriously drunk, and engaged in 5 minutes of lesbian groping with another “escort,” an Asian-American named Kim Roberts.  

Mangum proceeded to exchange words with the team, exited in a huff, stormed around the house shouting and half-naked before driving off into the night with her associate whom she soon tried to kick out of the car, and was subsequently taken into custody by Durham, N.C. police. 

Actually, that wasn’t the end of the story.  It was more the beginning of a misbegotten tale of fantasy rape, manufactured deceit, and baseless charges of racism and violence, all of which were later disproven.  It was also the disgraceful tale of a district attorney who lied repeatedly and a prestigious university that opted to believe a prostitute rather than its own students in the interests of political correctness. 

Duke Lacrosse Players' “Rape”  In essence, Mangum was a hooker who took offense at rich, white boys who found her and her actions disgusting and decided she could become famous by resorting to defamatory rhetoric and the fallback position of many black felons: invoking the hate crime mantra.         

Her story was replete with multiple inconsistencies, DNA tests all came back exonerating the white boys, semen turned out to be from several other men, and she had lodged similar, unsubstantiated charges of gang rape in 1993. 

Even so, as repugnant as Crystal’s lies were, they paled in comparison to the actions of   Michael Byron “Mike” Nifong, the former war protestor and then-Democrat district attorney for Durham County, North Carolina, and the liberal administration and professors at Duke University who allowed their ideology to govern common sense. 

Before even interviewing Mangum, Nifong prosecuted the case in the public arena, exaggerated, manipulated, and falsified evidence, and was eventually removed from office and disbarred for his underhanded efforts as “a rogue prosecutor.” 

Without any evidence, Duke condemned the lacrosse team, cancelled the remainder of the season, Duke’s “gang of 88″ professors termed the incident a racist, sexist “social disaster,” and coach Mike Pressler was intimidated into resigning before the school finally relented without apology and re-admitted the falsely accused students.    

After a thorough investigation, the lacrosse team were declared innocent of all charges. 

Crystal went on to publish a memoir titled, “The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story,” a misnomered title if there ever was one in which she brazenly sticks to her baldfaced prevarications.  Coincidentally, Ms. Mangum was indicted last week in Raleigh for the stabbing murder of her boyfriend, Reginald Daye.    

The Trayvon Martin, Tawana Brawley, and Crystal Mangum cases are less a matter of false accusations than they are symptomatic of a concerted campaign by frustrated African-American dissidents and revolutionaries to disrupt society and create an atmosphere of racial animosity in America which could very well lead to a race war. 

With the farcical Brawley and Mangum debacles serving as precedents, the Martin farce will likely serve as fodder for President Barack Hussein Obama to paint Caucasians as racists and inspire another round of enough white guilt to re-elect him. 

As for a race war, that could be in the planbook for his second term. 

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