The age-old admonition against ever discussing religion or politics never held any water, except maybe for atheists and for those who consider politicians spawns of the devil.  

Especially in A.D. 2012, with the first serious Mormon candidate running for president, a president who is desperate to establish his Christian bona fides in the face of continuing doubts, and Rep. Paul Ryan saying on Tuesday that his Catholic faith is the foundation of his budget plan, religion has taken center stage in America although that stage is noticeably tilted against Romney and Ryan.

For example, Mitt Romney is often subjected to negative stereotyping and commentary from both the left and the right because of his membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, reactions that haven’t been seen in this country since the first Roman Catholic ran for the presidency fifty years ago. 

Indeed, it would seem that all Christians come under greater scrutiny than adherents to other faiths, which has given rise to charges that there is a war on Christianity raging in America, a war apparent to any thinking person.     

What do New York Jets quarterback Jeff Tebow, former sitcom star Kirk Cameron, and “American Idol” hopeful Colton Dixon have in common?  Actually, all three share the same distinctions of being devout Christians–and all have been roundly criticized for their beliefs.   

Ap120408034052_620x350_original  Tebow, of course, is the most visible figure among them and has been attacked for his outward displays of faith since his days as a Florida Gator through his two years with the Denver Broncos.   Since his trade last month to New York, the belly of the liberal beast, many sports pundits have ramped up their ridicule and critiques and have gleefully predicted he will fail miserably. 

However, failure doesn’t exist in Tebow’s playbook any more than the thought of changing either his character or altering his public demeanor exists.  

Tebow took his show on the road to celebrate Easter Sunday to Georgetown, Texas, appropriately at the Celebration Church where he delivered a heartfelt sermonette in the form of a Q and A session with the pastor before a congregation estimated at 30,000 faithful.  

The gist of his sentiments was reflected in his proud admission that he said, “Win or lose, it is most important that I honor my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.” (  

Not that it would bother Tebow but that line will surely be seized on by his detractors the first time he throws an interception  or the Jets lose a game.     

actor Kirk Cameron has It’s doubtful Kirk Cameron can toss a football as far as Tim Tebow but he created almost as big a stir when he frankly expressed his Christian moral views last Friday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” 

Cameron tread where few celebs would dare to go when the”Growing Pains” star and now a Born Again Christian gave his opinion on abortion and gay marriage. 

Concurring with millions of other Americans, Cameron believes abortion is “wrong, under any circumstances.  I think that someone who is ultimately willing to murder a child, even to fix another tragic and devastating situation–like rape or incest or things like that–is not taking the moral highroad.” 

He may have gotten away with that statement but his non-politically correct Christian view that homosexuality is a perversion, without using that term, caused an uproar from the ultra-liberal, pro-gay set.  Cameron forthrightly said, “I think that it’s unnatural, I think that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” 

Had he expressed those views in any other context aside from homosexuality, he would have escaped the extreme ire of his peers and the media.  However, with liberals, gays, and gay liberals so dominant in the entertainment and news industries, he was beset by charges of homophobia and less-printable epithets. 

(See two video clips of Kirk Cameron on the Piers Morgan hot seat here

It’s perfectly acceptable for celebs to indulge in bed-hopping, multiple joke marriages, illicit drugs, pedophilia, and every other conceivable, “detrimental and ultimately destructive” activity but God forbid a Christian takes an opposing position.  

Colton Dixon performs on the March 7 episode of American Idol. >  The 20 year old “American Idol” contestant, Colton Dixon, takes an opposing position from the norm: He plans to make a career in the Christian music field and, naturally, chose to sing Christian music on the show. 

That’s as much a no-no on television as Tim Tebow or Kirk Cameron voicing their deepest Christian convictions. 

Despite Dixon’s profound effect on “Idol” judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, he was warned by the show’s producers, obviously uncomfortable with his overt devotion, to tone it down if he had any hopes of winning the competition. 

Colton Dixon’s admirable responses: ”I worship Jesus not Idol” and “Just because it can turn off voters or whatever.  But, you know, being a Christian is who I am.  It is a part of me musically.” (  

The nation and the world would be better places with more Tim Tebows, more Kirk Camerons, and more Colton Dixons.  Then, again, that would make us a more Christian nation and we can’t very well have that!