If nothing else, Democrats are consistent.

Their consisistency in this case can be traced back at least to 1964.  Prior to that, Dwight Eisenhower was treated somewhat benignly and was merely called a dolt.  By ’64, Democrats had moved on to their current demonization tactic and Barry Goldwater was labeled an extremist who planned to blow up the planet.  Ditto with Ronald Reagan.  With slight variations, ditto Sarah Palin, ditto Christine O’Donnell and  ditto Sharon Elaine Angle.

Harry Reid   Courtesy Elect Sharron Angle   Now, in the stretch drive to November 2nd and with Angle running at 50% to Harry Reid’s 46% according to the latest Rasmussen poll, Reid’s storm troopers are bound to intensify radical, extremist charges against the Republican candidate who can in large part credit ROCPAC, a nascent Political Action Committee, for winning that nomination last June against Sue Lowden.

Today, thanks to her stance as a leading opponent of Obamacare, Angle may almost be considered the poster child for the GOP surge in popularity over recent months at the same time public opposition has grown immeasurably.  

No Extremism ********   How best could Reid and his Democrats do battle against Angle?  Why, by calling her an extremist, of course.

But, who is really the radical, who the extremist? 

Is the extremist the 61 year old mother of 2 and grandmother of 10, the former educator, former Nevada state legislator, college lecturer, and small businesswoman who also favors tort reform, health savings accounts, offshore drilling with oversight? 

Is it the woman who wants Social Security reform, increased national security measures, greater support for our military and veterans? 

Is it Sharron Angle who believes America must focus on job creation, family values, and on protecting the lives of the innocent pre-born? 

Is it the person who is committed to lower taxes, campaign finance reform, and protection of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms? 

Is it the candidate who insists that our borders be secured and our immigration laws be enforced?

Or, is the true extremist the 70 year old Harry Reid who just  loves Obamacare, who has voted hundreds of times to increase our taxes, who has voted in favor of abortion, who has voted against tort reform, and who thinks the Social Security system–and our porous borders–are just fine and dandy?  

If one applies the labels of radical and extremist to the candidate who is most out of the mainstream of public thought, Senator Reid fits the radical, extremist personna far better than Mrs. Angle.

Let’s look at the record, as New York’s late Governor Al Smith used to say.  Will the real Harry Reid please stand up!  

Obamacare Socialism by   With respect to repealing Obamacare, Angle is very much in the mainstream with 60% of the American people, a figure that’s continuing to grow, favoring repeal.  Reid is somewhere out there on the partisan periphery favoring retention and full implementation of the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, PPAHCA which neither gives protection nor is affordable nor is it concerned with health as much as it is concerned with a government takeover of America’s health care system. 

As the electorate learns more details about the Obamacare abomination, learns of its costs, its effect on an already ballooning deficit, its death panels under an assumed name, its funding of abortion, its unconstitutional denial of the fundamental freedom of Americans to choose, to decide for themselves whether to insure themselves, America is just saying, No to Obamacare!

At the same time, Senator Reid proudly proclaims his unyielding support for this atrocious law that he and his fellow Democrats rammed through the Congress six+ months ago.  True, having finally read the text of PPAHCA four months after steering it, unread, through the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader whined that Obamacare will severely cut back payments to Nevada hospitals and other Medicare providers.

Well, gosh, Mr. Reid, if you and your Obama lackeys had READ the damned thing before voting on it, you would have known that before July! 

With dozens of states now lined up to take Obama and Obamacare to court to overturn, I’d have far more respect for Reid if he confessed what a majority of people already know, that Obamacare was a grave, tragic mistake.  Instead, he blindly hews to the party line that it’s the greatest thing since Nevada became a state in 1864.

Harry Reid and the Democrats have forgotten their most basic responsibility, to act in the best interests of the people, to represent the people and not dictate to the people.  In so forgetting, Reid has devolved into the most radical of extremists.

Nevadans have the opportunity on November 2nd to begin to rectify the mistake that was Obamacare by electing Sharon Angle to the Senate of the United States from the great state of Nevada.  They may never get this chance again.