We all want to be civil, right? 

Just last year, with the deepest sincerity, our president implored Americans to engage in more civil discourse, to be more tolerant of disparate opinions and less confrontational, to “sharpen our instincts for empathy,” and to search our souls for answers to America’s disunity following the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords.    

Either many of Barack Hussein Obama’s rabid supporters didn’t get that civility memo or they interpreted it as a veiled call to arms since they immediately ratcheted up their uncivil, vile, mean-spirited invective after the president’s Tucson speech in total disregard of his heart-felt appeal.    

With a national election looming, Obama’s armies have taken to even more reprehensible rhetoric and, to supplement their words, have launched an unprecedented wave of deadly violence. 

Cynics like Robin Leach foolishly think the president of the United States craves that gross incivility and mindless violence serve as tools to create civil unrest and a possible race war to help pave his way to a second term.  He may be right.  

A few selected instances reflecting the ratcheting but precious little soul-searching:    

.  A tourist in Baltimore was assaulted by a black man and, adding severe insult to his injuries, he was beaten, robbed, and stripped naked on a public street by a crowd of blacks who later boasted about the crime they had committed.  (See the video here http://cbsloc.al/HfgD04)

  .   Former world heavyweight boxing champion and disgraced, convicted felon Mike Tyson weighed in on the Trayvon Martin affair by opining that “It’s a disgrace that man [George Zimmerman] hasn’t been shot yet.  Forget about him being arrested–the fact that he hasn’t been shot yet is a disgrace.”  (http://yhoo.it/HC0ep3) 

barack-obama_charles-ogletree  .  Obama buddy, black Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree, suggested on Al Sharpton’s National Network Convention that whites would be given preference had a black killed a white man instead of the half-hispanic Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin. (http://bit.ly/HPlT8U)   

  .  Carl Milton Babb has made a career of purse-snatching and within hours of release from prison after serving a two-year stint for stealing a purse, he snatched another in Gainesville, Florida, was pursued, and was aided and abetted by a crowd of blacks who stomped on him while chanting, “Trayvon.”  (http://bit.ly/IzPNEs)  

.  At least seven white people were attacked and beaten by mobs of black thugs over the course of one March weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan, attacks censored, as usual, by local media which didn’t see fit to report them. (http://exm.nr/IjBOMo) 

Bell: Farrakhan 'Great Hero  .  The lunatic leader of the black racist Nation of Islam, Screwy Louie Farrakhan, recently ranted in Memphis, Tennessee that “in a few days, people are gonna kill their leaders” and in Pine Bluff, Arkansas warned whites that, “We know your origin in the world and we know how long you were set to live and unless you change, your end has come.”  (http://bit.ly/HMyv63) (http://bit.ly/HPHbIT)    

original  .  The reliably-racist New Black Panther Party bemoaned the media focus on black violence, called the white man “the devil,” declared a race war, and uncivilly remembered the late conservative, Andrew Breitbart, by saying, “May he rest in piss.”  (Video: http://bit.ly/IY1GSP)    

.  State Rep. Chuck Kruger, Democratic chairman of the Maine Legislature’s Moderate Caucus, proved that incivility isn’t confined to African-Americans when he tweeted that our former vice president should be executed:  “Cheney deserves same final end as he gave Saddam.”  http://thedc.com/J1gdch)

Time and space considerations limit inclusion of multiple other examples of the utter failure of the president’s vacuous plea for more civility in America.  In any event, Obama obviously should have directed his wish to his fellow blacks who commit the most uncivil acts and who have, every year, murdered more of their own race than all the servicemen and women who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. 

The campaigning First “Lady” of the United States added a touch of unintended, ironic humor to the prevailing, toxic political atmosphere when she presumptuously misquoted Matthew 4:16 by saying of her hubby, “This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.” 

I don’t know what light Michelle O. is seeing but it sure isn’t the light of civility.