Obama quits racist church!  As difficult as it is to concede, barring a disaster or intercession by an almighty power, President Barack Hussein Obama will win re-election on November 6th.  The final vote tally will be far from a landslide but a sufficient proportion of the electorate will ensure the president serves another disastrous term. 

That prediction is based on a variety of factors not the least of which is the widely-held expectation that Obama and all the president’s men and women will wage the dirtiest campaign since the populist Andrew Jackson beat the Democrat-Republican John Quincy Adams in 1828. 

Obama will also win on a populist platform predicated on calculated distortions and misrepresentations supplemented by his hole cards of racial and class warfare and he will be bankrolled with a billion dollar campaign treasury. 

However, the principal reason he will emerge victorious is not the nefarious tactics he and his minions will employ but that he has locked up various constituencies which will cast Democrat ballots because they almost always have and despite compelling reasons to vote otherwise. 

Those constituencies in order of Democrat allegiance:   

.  African-Americans.  Understandably, blacks chose a fellow, if semi, African-American in 2008 because, well, because he was almost black.  If I were a black man, I would have supported him simply because of his race and centuries of oppression and disenfranchisement.  However, the second time around, I would have supported the candidate who would best serve the interests of the country.

black vote 2012  Thirteen percent of the electorate, fully 96% of blacks, voted for Obama four years ago versus 43 percent of whites.  While the 96% was anticipated, the 43% reflected the amazing number of “white guilters” who felt it was time for a minority presence in the White House regardless of his lack of qualifications and experience as belated recompense for the enslavement of Obama’s forebears. 

In spite of the fact the president has done as little for blacks–aside from hiring them in record numbers and for highly visible positions–as he has for other races, the African-American community is a sure bet to go for Obama in 2012 by margins approximating 2008 particularly but not exclusively due to his politicizing the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. 

Chalk up around 13% for Obama.   

.  Jewish Americans.  Jews are by nature and history liberal since they have been discriminated against even longer than blacks.  They have endured oppression and slavery for thousands of years, and have been Democrats for as long as there has been an America. 

Nevertheless, there is ample cause for Jews to abandon their loyalties to the Democrat Party this year because its standard bearer has often demonstrated that he has as much concern for their ancestral homeland as he does for the United States. 

Barack Obama has bowed to Arab potentates who have sworn to eradicate Israel from the face of the planet, has catered to Islamic interests and demands, and has equivocated on preventing Iran from developing nuclear capabilities designed to reduce the nation of Israel to a molten pile. 

Inexplicably, 78% of Jews voted for Obama in 2008 and a comparable percentage is expected to vote for him again in November.  Apparently, the Jewish people have an unrequited death wish or they have been so flummoxed by this president that they have succumbed to their misguided liberality and can’t see the future for the rhetoric. 

In 2008, Jews4Obama.com indicated Jews would support Sen. Obama due to his opposition to the Iraq War and his stands on the environment, climate change, and health care and their confidence “that he will address Darfur with a sense of urgency. . . and [in his ability] to tackle the considerable problems of the economy.”  

  President Obama has done next to nothing about the war or genocide in Darfur and has presided over a stagnating economy with record deficits for 39 months yet last week a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute showed Jews will vote for him anyway.    

Chalk up another 2%.   

.  Homosexuals.  Although the president has failed to endorse same-sex marriage and has just refused to sign an executive order banning discrimination against the LGBT set by federal contractors, he has delivered on his pledge to repeal the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and gays are now welcome as gays in our armed forces. 

Gays in the military.  Obama also supports repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, actively opposes the criminalization of homosexual conduct throughout the world, and has announced that foreign aid would be allocated on the basis of respect for gay rights abroad.     

As with many other administration initiatives, it should be remembered what Obama said to Russian President Medvedev last month, that he would be more “flexible” after he is re-elected. 

Homosexuals are fully aware that Obama is an enthusiastic advocate of their lifestyle and,  freed of political constraints in a second term, he will then exercise his new flexibility on their behalf in every way imaginable.  

Add another 2% to the Obama column.        

There are, of course, exceptions to the above blanket predictions.  

Many African-Americans are now proudly ensconced in the middle and upper classes and their decision on Election Day could be dictated by economic rather than race; the monolithic Democrat-Jewish vote could still be affected by economic and international realities; homosexuals could be influenced by considerations other than sexual preferences.     

Nevertheless, Barack Hussein Obama will be re-elected largely because of the political  obtuseness of many in the black, Jewish, and gay communities. 

Compound that support with the unremitting idolatry of his mainstream media, add in the burgeoning hispanic population, the lingering sentiment of white guilt, and those Republicans who reject the presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney as an imperfect fit and Obama is a virtual shoo-in.

More about those latter groups in Part Two.