(See “Barack Hussein Obama Will Win Re-Election  Part One  http://bit.ly/HOW3r9)

Barack Obama's radical  Part One of this very mini series examined some reasons why Barack Hussein Obama is virtually guaranteed to win his re-election bid. 

My opinion–which I pray to God is wrong– was based on the probability of Obama conducting the dirtiest campaign in over a century, his faux-populist platform setting class against class and race against race, and plans to spend a billion dollars or more to fool the American people into giving him four more years.   

However, that prediction was made not as much on those factors as on the fact Obama has locked up various constituencies that will cast their ballots for more of the same no matter what the president has done to the country to date or what else he will do before November 6th.  

Most African-Americans, Jews, and homosexuals will vote for Obama seven months from now, giving him some 17% of the electorate. 

So, too, will a sufficient number of Latinos and those still suffering from the malady of white guilt to give him the 270 electoral votes he needs to be “flexible” in order to accomplish his goal of changing America into a land that would have caused the Founding Fathers to retch. 

In addition, many Republican conservatives will choose to shoot themselves in both feet by staying home on Election Day and thereby help re-elect the president out of pique that Mitt Romney isn’t conservative enough or because he has flip-flopped on issues almost as often as Obama.  

.  Latinos.  Due to Obama’s policies and those of his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, with regard to illegal immigration, hispanics in America now constitute 16.3% of the population, over 50 million people, an estimated 11 million of whom entered the United States illegally. 

Regardless of which president is most responsible for the illegal influx, the reality at this point is that they are here and only an unprecedented, massive, federal deportation program will change the situation, and that’s not going to happen under any administration.  

Legal or illegal, with notable exceptions Latinos are an industrious, hard-working, religious, and fundamentally conservative group, characteristics that should classify them as Republicans yet 67% voted for Obama in 2008. 

The reasons for that majority are multiple and complex but boil down to the successful Democrat Party effort to make hispanics, legal and illegal, feel at home in the U.S., feel that Democrats care and will take care of them, feel they should vote for Obama because Republicans don’t make them feel at home and won’t “take care of them.” 

According to a recent poll from the Democrat campaign, 73% of them will vote Obama in November, adding as many as 10 points to Obama’s tally for a total of 27%.  

.  White Guilt.  The “white guilters” are the wild card in the coming election.  They consist of Caucasians who were torn in 2008 over the long-ended horrors of slavery, felt guilty that some white guys like Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, and sought absolution for the sins of their long-dead forbears by voting for the son of Marxists. 

White guilters rarely admit to the guilt preferring instead to speciously claim it was time for a minority in the White House as if there were some constitutional timeline which ordained that at a certain point in our history the majority of Americans should be governed by a minority. 

White guilters also thought four years ago that Obama would fulfill the presidential oath of faithfully executing the Office of President of the United States and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  In view of the fact he has repeatedly and brazenly failed in that duty, the guilters could switch their allegiance by November and perhaps expiate their guilt by adopting a black orphan, neither of which is a probability. 

Add another 5-10% to the Obama column.   

.  The Anti-Romneys.  This amorphous group generally believes that electing Mitt Romney would be tantamount to making another RINO, a Republican in Name Only, commander-in-chief. 

Morning Quote: Mitt Romney  Or, they believe Romney’s Mormon religion somehow disqualifies him from the highest office in the land. 

Or, they believe America will learn a lesson from four more years of Obama and elect a true conservative, another Barry Goldwater or another Ronald Reagan in 2016.  

The realities are that, although Romney has supported liberal policies such as legalized abortion, in the past so too did Reagan, Mitt Romney is a good Christian as well as a decent and upright man, and, unfortunately, there is no Goldwater or Reagan equivalent on the Republican horizon and the nation may not survive a second Obama term. 

Should conservatives stick to rigid principle, should Evangelists quibble over the nature of a Christian sect, should libertarians vote for a third party candidate, they will re-elect Barack Hussein Obama.  They should be prepared to witness a far more radical president who will demonstrate his “flexibility” in unimaginable ways.           

Shortly after the 2008 election, my wife and I had a dinner date with an ostensibly Democrat-liberal friend, a dyed-in-the-wool unionist who blamed me for the election of “a nigger.”  His rationale: The GOP nominated a loser in John McCain.  

My friend will be even more furious if and when Republicans, white guilters, and hispanics, combined with Obama’s black, Jewish, and gay constituencies, turn their backs on Mitt Romney.