A Roman Catholic, I freely admit I don’t know much about the Mormon religion aside from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Christmas  and that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney professes the Mormon faith.   

Salt Lake Mormon Temple  My wife and I toured Salt Lake City, Utah a few years ago and had the opportunity to visit the majestic, 119 year old Salt Lake Temple, a exalted tribute to a church dedicated to helping the poor at the same time it requires its membership to remain celibate until marriage, avoid alcohol, caffeine and drugs, and engage in worldwide humanitarian missions.      

Although the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has long been a holiday favorite in America, the 15 million members of Mitt Romney’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have long been held in a suspicion borne of an ignorance of the church’s precepts and teachings. 

I would refer the reader to the church’s website, http://mormon.org/, for more information on who Mormons are, what they believe, and what they have accomplished in their unorthodox but very Christian ministry, almost all of which is antithetical to what Leftists believe, think and practice.     

It is precisely Mormonism’s strict beliefs that grate most on the Left, although they cloak their religious disdain by objecting to secular matters.  Thus, Mitt Romney has been subjected to greater criticism than any presidential candidate since JFK. 

Romney has been castigated, ridiculed, sometimes clandestinely, sometimes publicly, by President Barack Obama’s ultra-liberal mainstream media despite claims that they are ultra-tolerant of virtually everything and everyone–except for Republicans and conservatives–principally because he represents all that liberals are not. 

Reflecting the extent of Leftist sick venom, liberals haven’t been content with attacking the candidate; they have violated their hero’s injunction against involving families in political campaigns by abusing Romney’s former teenage sweetheart and wife of 33 years, Ann Lois Davies Romney.  

Family w all  Mrs. Romney was recently attacked with the same Democrat talking point applied to her husband–being out of touch with the real world due to the family’s success and wealthy–and for having the temerity to be a stay-at-home mom for their five sons instead of pursuing a carreer.  

That perceived crime was  almost as grave to liberals as her opposition to abortion and support for other conservative positions. 

The president ran for cover following that misogynistic charge which ran counter to the administration’s contention that Republicans are the people waging a war on women.    Hilary Rosen soon retracted her idiotic statement, almost as quickly as Obama flack Jay Carney denied Rosen was an Obama lackey even though she has been to the White House dozens of times in the past three years.        

Compared to other vile insults hurled at Ann Romney by liberals, calling her out of touch was a compliment.  

Mrs. Romney has been labeled by Obama supporters as a ”c*nt,” “bitch,” and “whore,” among other disgusting characterizations, and all because the Left considers a decent mother who chose not to work outside her home as beneath their concept of dignity.  And, of course, because she is Mr. Romney’s wife. (http://bit.ly/J2eaoj) 

Romney’s unforgivable sin?  He thinks Obama is the worst thing to happen to America since the English unsuccessfuly tried to squelch our war for independence. 

martin-bashir.jpg  Martin Bashir, an ostensible Christian Brit of Pakistani origin who some believe is a closet Muslim and everyone knows is a confirmed leftist, regularly spews his venom against all things decent on Obama’s favorite cable network, MSNBC. 

Last Thursday, Bashir condemned Romney to the Hell to which all lying Mormons are consigned according to the Book of Mormon.   

Devilishly citing scripture for his devious purpose of re-electing Obama, Bashir slandered Romney’s religion as a “heretical cult,” selectively quoted from that book, and accused the former Massachusetts’ governor of repeatedly lying without providing a shred of substantiated truth to support his allegations. 

(See a clip of Bashir’s frothings here http://thedc.com/I637hL)

Bashir also nicknamed Romney ”Mitt the Mendacious” and capped his vicious invective by concluding, “He can either keep lying and potentially win the White House, but bring eternal damnation upon himself or he can start telling the truth.  The question for him, I guess, is which is more important.” 

And I guess Democrat hatchetman Bashir is as concerned as his fellow Leftists that Barack Hussein Obama will not succeed in deceiving the American people again and therefore are participating in a muckmaking search and destroy mission to ensure that Republican opponents–and their spouses–are defamed and smeared.   

Regretably for Obama’s minions, it just ain’t gonna work this time around.