(This be the second part after the first part on mah buddy Barry.  You can read dat first part here if yo wants to and if yo dont wants to who cares! http://bit.ly/I9LTCJ.) 

In One ah wuz talking bout all dose emails ah gets from my bud Barry an his homies moochin fo money.  Dey piss me off.  Dis is a lil differant.    

On Monday, Jimmy, (dat would be Jim Messina, head honky honcho fo da “Obama for America” campaign), emailed me for “input,” my sugestions in a survey on how we can make shure Barry gets fo more years in the White House. 

We damn well don’t want dat moron Mormon guy moving on up to our place with all his  ugly wives and his jerk-off ideas about people working for a livin and not survivin on food stamps.  Do we?  

On top of everything, ah heard dat Mit Romney believes in poligmy tho ah dont see nothin wrong with having a haarem of bitches.  We all do dat, right?  Why he would marry them tho is stupid. 

gal_obama_family_12[4]  Barrys fam back where he wuz born in kenya all had a bunch of wives–da men folk that is–and his daddy liked wut we call VARIETY, if yo catch my meaning and no one made a big fuss about dat!    

As my new bud Jimmy put it, “Together, we’ve done some amazing work building this campaign so far.  But I know that we’re in for a tough fight ahead, and we’ll need your voices and leadership if we want to win on Election Day.” 

Ahm not exactly sure what “amazin work” has been acomplished and I ain’t been a leader since my dayz in the hood but, hey, if Barry’s boy Jimmy says so it must be so and if my boy Barry needs me, I’m there!  But not there with money!!!!  Dat boy has enuff of dat!! 

As for fights, ah agrees with Barry when he said if da honky bring a knife to a fight, we brings a gun even tho we always have a knife on us, as dey say, just in case.  Dat was good advise tho.      

You can hep Barry and Jimmy by completin Jimmy’s survey.  It has questions on what we think about the Buffet Rule, “taking the fight to al-Qaeda,” and “Ending ’Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ “.  (http://bit.ly/Jqdb7P)  

Look, ah never pay any taxes but if dose dumbass Repubs would jest stop being assholes and pass dat Buffet Rule, Waren would pay as much as his secratary and we could run the gubmint for a while, a few days mebbe but a few days is a few days right?   

And, if we can “take the fight to al-Qaeda,” we wouldn’t hafta fight in Times Square and Chinatown and Bed Stuy!  Besides, dat Clinton DADT wuz a loser anyways cuz everyone knows dat our troops just love fighting alongside guys kissing in foxholes. 

It bilds moral, know what ah mean? 

represent Trayvon Martin  One last thing, dat hole Travon Martin bit where some Latino slaugtered one of mah inocent defenseless bruthas while he wuz just eating skittles, dat be another joke.  Like alot of my homies said on twitter now we gotta kill dat Zimerman dude and da judge dat set him lose to let da world know we be a peacefull race like dat World Peace peep. 

Ok I said dat last was mah last but it aint cuz ah just gots ANOTHER email from Jimmy and he sez Barry and his beautful Mishelle be startin their run fo another term on May 5.  Jimmy said “Big news: In 10 days, President Obama is hitting the campaign trail.”  Dont spread dat around tho since dat was sent to ME personaly but it aint no big news to me cuz ah never knew Barry ever left “the campaign trail.” 

Ok now ahm jest about done but ah wanted to put in my 2 cents that my momma didn’t raise no fool who keeps sending money to DC, even if our folks run things now!   Ah aint got no money honey!!

Like those beautful patriotts on the New Black Panther Party said when dey scared whities away from voting last Elction Day in Philly, “This is what it’s like with a black man in charge.”  With brutha Eric Holder running the Justice Dept, we realy see, we realy see!  Ha, ha!

My buddy Barry is a great man, mah man, the greatest, smartest pres-i-dent in the history of America, if not the whole world and I’m a genrous guy but I won’t give money to no millionaire.  Id rather contribute my gravy to that poor, defensless Travon Martin to pay his hospital bills after that nigger-hating half-breed shot him like a rabid dog!  

May Gawd bless Amerika!