There are many truisms in life–realities that need no further explanations or elaborations to be understood.  For example, we all agree that ducks quack and dogs bark and cats  retain humans only as pets. 

There are also truisms in the entertainment and political worlds that reasonable people fully grasp as almost biblical truth.  For example, we know that most entertainers hail from the liberal side of the political spectrum and that most politicians lie.  Ok, to be generous, pols tend to dissemble. 

Anyone who expects Dirty Dave Letterman to be objective in his political “humor” has to be very confused when Letterman inaccurately and consistently mocks Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for being cruel to the family dog while never making even a passing, comical reference to Barack Hussein Obama’s eating dogs whose meat was “tough.” 

Likewise, anyone who believes White House press flack, Jay Carney, when he says with a straight face that he “never” lies in the face of multiple and proven prevarications in defense of his boss must be bewildered over the serious possibility that virtually everything the Obama administration says and does is a lie. 

Sometimes, perceived truisms merge in the entertainment and political universes when politicians inadvertently become entertainers.  

Obama Biden Dumb and Dumber  All but the most braindead Democrats realize that Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was chosen for that position because he was guaranteed to play the role of the administration’s entertaining clown prince in order to deflect attention from Obama’s frequent gaffes and outright deceptions which make GWB look like a genius.

Senator Biden’s surpassed his pre-nomination ”storybook” description of Obama as ”the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” a classic put-down of blacks, when he lauded Obamacare on a live mic as “a big, #$%@-ing deal,” without the #$%@.    

The clown prince may have outdone himself once again and established himself as the biggest boob ever to hold the office that John Nance Garner called “not worth a bucket of warm spit.” 

This time, Biden didn’t just come across as obliviously stupid as much as he reflected the oblivious stupidity of the Obama Team who picked him in the first place. 

They have labored mightily to create the public impression that we are now being led by a brilliant, constitutional scholar as opposed to the dolt who merely graduated from Yale University and Harvard Business School, served in the Texas Air National Guard as a fighter pilot, and was twice elected Texas governor. 

Obama has frequently demonstrated that he understands our Constitution to the same degree he respects it.     

How could Bush’s record possibly compare to a Chicago “community organizer,” an Illinois state senator, and a United States senator for all of two years?  Yet, astoundingly, it did and the OBAMA-BIDEN ticket prevailed and took control of the American government on January 20, 2009. 

The rest–the failed leadership, the moribund economy, the astronomical deficits and national debt, the racial divisiveness, the grave loss of international prestige, unilateral disarmament, national disarray and, worst of all, the selection of Biden–are unfortunate history.    

In a baldfaced attempt to associate himself with a great, Republican icon, President Theodore Roosevelt–just as he has absurdly tried to establish a connection with a more recent conservative hero, President Ronald Reagan–Obama has been trying to win over disaffected GOP-ers, Reagan Democrats, and independents. 

not because he is stupid,  His designated lackey, Biden, either chose to go after the votes of porno aficionados or, more probably, screwed up once again when he pulled a boner by re-assuring Americans that his boss wasn’t just messing with Iran’s fruitcakes.  In fact, the VP said in a speech to a group of his Democrat faithful, “I promise you, the president has a big stick.  I promise you.  I promise you.”  

President Has A Big Stick  See the latest Biden boobism here

Neither the futile, hamhanded attempt to link Obama with Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” nor the hilarity of Biden’s goofballism was lost on his audience and the public allowed to hear it by the MSM, though the VP is probably still unaware of the anatomical implications in his remark.   

Even Dirty Dave led off his Friday night show with Biden’s “big stick” clip since it only displayed Biden’s rhetorical ignorance and didn’t reflect negatively on The Anointed One.  In fact, it may have enhanced his image with lascivious ladies and the homosexual community. 

If it wasn’t another gaffe, the question arises as to how Biden knew about the president’s prodigious proportions.  Do they shower together?  Did Lady O. spill the beans?  Did Barry brag about it?

Of greater significance, even bigger than Obama’s “big stick,” is the sad reality that Joe Biden, a proverbial heartbeat away, could accede to the highest office in the land should Louis Farrakhan’s prediction that Obama will be assassinated or some other tragedy befall the president. 

It’s all but inconceivable that the American people could re-elect Barack Hussein Obama.  It’s terrifying that the biggest boob in the history of the vice presidency could succeed him.