Two books about two different Barack Obamas are hot off the press and, based on reviews, promise to be  fascinating reading even if the media have afforded them scant attention.  One would not please the president, he may be ambivalent about the other.

Product DetailsThe first book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage written by Dinesh D’Souza, who is clearly not a member of the president’s fan club,  describes Obama as “a much stranger, more determined, and exponentially more dangerous man than you’d ever imagined.” 

According to one book review, in D’Souza’s view, Obama doesn’t give much of a hoot about past civil rights struggles, which would seriously disappoint many of his supporters.  On the other hand, those critics who believe he is motivated by Marxism-socialism, as his father, Barack Obama Sr. was, will also be disappointed since the author contends that those “isms” are not his inspiration. 

His true inspiration, his motivation, the driving force behind Barack Hussein Obama, is much scarier than any Marxist-socialist philosophies.

That review continues, “What really motivates Barack Obama is an inherited rage—an often masked, but profound rage that comes from his African father; an anticolonialist rage against Western dominance, and most especially against the wealth and power of the very nation Barack Obama now leads. It is this rage that explains the previously inexplicable, and that gives us a startling look at what might lie ahead.”

Furthermore, the president sees his own country, our country, the United States of America, as nothing more than a “rogue nation–worse than North Korea” and he is committed to levelling the playing field with the rest of the planet by sapping America’s wealth.  He wants a nuclear Iran, greater recognition of Islam’s historical, scientific achievements, and he wants perhaps above all else to end America’s position as a superpower:

Heady stuff indeed, a reinforcement of the beliefs held by millions of conservative Americans for more than two years, beliefs predicated on what Obama has said, what he has done, and the laws he has proposed and gotten passed into law by his obsequious Democrat congress.  In addition, it is the stuff of nightmares.

Coming from someone else, some unknown blogger, some disenchanted, average American, some party hack, that nightmare could be dismissed as easily as the leftist media has dismissed The Roots of Obama’s Rage.  Coming from Dinesh D’Souza, a brilliant and prolific author of best sellers, a recognized scholar and thinker, and President of King’s College in New York City, the nightmare that is the Obama administration becomes all too real and understandable.

Product DetailsPeter Firstbrook’s The Obamas: The Untold History of an African Family happens also to be a history of the Kenyan roots of an American president.  Coincidentally, it deals in part with another rage, the rage of Barack Obama Sr. and with rumors as to the official cause of his death.

1960s, Barack Obama Sr. on   Born some time in 1936 in Rachuonyo District on the shores of Lake Victoria in the then-British colony of Kenya, Obama Senior apparently came to have his own pent up rages with which to deal.  “A serious, fall-down alcoholic,” as well as a multi-married possible bigamist, he was “a thwarted politician and bureaucrat” who raged against colonialism and later against corruption in the Kenyan government.

He abandoned his wife and son to accept a scholarship in the United States, subsequently returned to Kenya where he continued his criticism of Jomo Kenyatta, was blacklisted, and ended his life in besotted poverty.  More precisely, he ended his life wrapped around a tree.

All in all, (and since I haven’t read it I don’t know whether or how this is covered in Barack Junior’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, a Story of Race and Inheritance), dear old dad was a racist, womanizing, Marxist, Muslim radical drunk who died an abject failure:

It’s no wonder Obama Senior, nicknamed “Mr. Double-Double” because of his penchant for drinking double scotches, was into raging.  He may have raged a tad too much since author Firstbrook recounts family stories in The Obamas that allege he was murdered as opposed to the official recorded cause of death at age 46 by driving a car into a tree.  The murder theory may simply reflect the family’s effort at Obamian revisionism as a result of now having one of their own in America’s White House:

Being murdered is much more honorable than dying as a result of a DUI.

Whatever the true cause of Obama Senior’s death, it’s more than interesting that both father and son were into raging against something or other. The Marxist, Muslim father raged against British rule and against his own government.   The son, D’Souza contends, was not inspired by that paternal, Marxist philosophy but by a genetic, “inherited rage,” “a quiet rage” to effectively destroy his, our country, just as his father wanted to destroy British colonialism in Kenya.

His aim came to fruition in 1962 following the Mau Mau Uprising when Kenya gained its independence.  Obama Senior met his tree twenty years later.  Obama Junior has not yet seen his  fruition, the goal of his ”masked, but profound rage,” the end of the United States as the only superpower left standing.  He only needs more time.  

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