At one time or another, most of us assume and presume too much but few of us ever envision the United States of America collapsing as a great nation.  Historically, such a presumption was not uncommon.

The thought of ancient Rome being overrun by barbarians had to have been unfathomable to the average Roman in the street, until it happened.

The idea that Russians would be ruled by Lenin and his Bolsheviks after Czar Nicholas II must have seemed beyond the pale of believability, until it happened.

Most Germans were unaware that Adolph Hitler would initiate one of the most brutal genocides in human history and precipitate a world war leading to Germany’s near-extinction, until it happened. 

And, thanks in large part to the complicity of the mainstream media which prefer to  liberally slant news and ignore what is the most dire threat to America’s existence since Hitler and the USSR, the presumption that we will survive the insidious Occupy Wall Street movement aimed at undermining the capitalist foundations of our prosperity and success, could very well come to fruition in the not too distant future.

The mortal sin of presumption is a Roman Catholic doctrine which essentially holds that to arrogantly believe and trust in one’s own merits to the exclusion of any divine intercession  can lead to salvation is the road to perdition. 

Whether or not Americans accept that religious teaching, vainly presuming the United States will exist indefinitely, that we as a country are immune to forces which can effect our dissolution, that we are impervious to external and internal threats, is not only presumptuous but reflects a dangerous ignorance of the history of all great nations and empires. 

Those nations and empires have had an average life-span of two centuries.  As of 2012, the U.S.A. will be 223 years old.

  The reality of presumption, that Americans and America will continue to regard the OWS, the Occupiers of Wall Street and everything else they choose to occupy, destroy, and desecrate as just another protest group, is beyond foolhardy.  In fact, they are busily plotting the overthrow of government and institutions which have served us, never perfectly, but satisfactorily, for centuries. 

An extreme scenario?  Please read on. 

In existence less than eight months, OWS was initially a small group of predominantly young, disorganized, dissheveled, disenchanted malcontents who gathered in New York City’s Zuccotti Park and claimed with no substantiation to represent the 99% of America’s masses. 

Indulged by Mayor Bloomberg until they deteriorated into unsanitary public nuisances, they illegally camped, loudly demonsrated, and stood and slept arm and arm in opposition  to ”demonic,” wealthy bankers and other corporate “fat cats.” 

They demanded jobs that didn’t exist, relief from the burden of student loans they had incurred, an end to the country’s perceived “income inequality,” and, in its stead, insisted on a more equitable “income redistribution.” 

Obama-99-460x307  They echoed the campaign rhetoric of one of their principal supporters, President Barack Hussein Obama.

OWS dissidents are still dissheveled and discontented but they have devolved even further.

Thousands have been arrested, some have been murdered, a number of women and young girls have been raped, thefts have become rampant–all at the hands of fellow OWSers who blame the NYPD for all their crimes.

They have also been infiltrated by professional agitators from the ranks of the Communist Party USA, mindless Fascist skinheads, professed anarchists. and assorted perverts who prey on them.   

Occupy Wall Street is no longer merely an insignificant, ragtag, dirty faction composed of pissed-off malcontents too lazy to get jobs they feel are beneath their dignity, the frustrated unemployed annoyed with society and themselves, and some distraught victims of the Obama economy.

Nor are they still disorganized and isolated troublemakers. 

.  The OWS conducts regular meetings to discuss tactics and strategies to achieve their radical goals;

.  They are generously funded by extremist, leftist organizations such as George Soros’;

.  They are aided and abetted by radical labor unions like the SEIU and the pre-bailout honorable UAW; 

. They have been joined by a huge contingent of hypocritical, millionaire one-percenters from the entertainment world including George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, and the bloated, bloviating Michael Moore;

.  They have won the attention and admiration of  various Democrat politicians, from the  dopey Nancy Pelosi to the oblivious Harry Reid to the soul-less Barack Obama.

  The Occupy Wall Street movement no longer consists of just filthy malcontents.  It has become a major  influence to be reckoned with if Americans want to preserve the America that used to be.     

Feeding on the confusions and fears generated by a severe worldwide economic downturn which shows few signs of improving, Occupy Wall Street has blossomed.  

More aptly, OWS has metasticized like a deadly cancer into a fearsome, global phenomenon mimicking the upheavals of the Arab Spring with the potential of similar consequences–unless it is checked.  

Due to its leaderless and amorphous nature, there are no reliable estimates of OWS participation although its website alleges a presence in more than 82 countries and 1000 cities throughout the world.

Granted, the world and the United States have witnessed worse insurrections but never have those revolts been so strenuously supported by the mainstream media and the so-called intelligentsia.

Never have previous protestors received the financial backing and morale-boosting of  supposedly law-abiding individuals.  Never, during the Second World War, the Cold War, or even the Viet Nam protests have so many ostensible Americans rejected our basic values and beliefs by endorsing an organization dedicated to chaos and mayhem.

Never has our country been threatened by such an internal peril as we are now.  Worse, we don’t even know it!   

As long as Americans suffer from the grave sin of presumption and trust that the United States is far too powerful, far too rich, and far too confident to succumb to extremist radicals in our midst, we are in danger of believing what France’s King Louis XVI and his consort, Queen Marie Antoinette, once thought. 

Louis’ constitutional monarchy ended when his head fell into a bucket.  Our democratic republic could end if we presumptively think Occupy Wall Street poses no danger.