The inability to distinguish reality from fantasy is usually harmless–in a three or four year old. 

For the rest of us, that failure can be a sign of a serious mental disorder or just a refusal to accept what exists, or it could simply involve believing what you want to be true when the alternative is just too unpleasant to contemplate. 

YES, headed by King Obama I of

Our president was giving a pep talk to some supporters out on the left coast on Thursday in his continuing quest to preserve Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.  It was a small group gathered at the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium, the overflow from the main event in UW’s basketball arena which was a sign of Obama’s times.  Two years ago he would have filled the stadium, not just an arena. 

His address was interrupted by an Obama enthusiast which led to the president giving an impromptu evaluation of the first two years of his presidency. 

Obama was saying, “And for all the problems we’re going through right now, we still have the best workers on Earth, we’ve got the finest universities on Earth, we’ve got the best entrepreneurs on Earth.  We’ve got the freest, most vibrant economy on Earth . . . “  It was at that point that one of his fans shouted out, “Best president on Earth!” 

Now, admittedly, Obama was in an awkward spot there–and without his best buddy, his trusty teleprompter.  He could have simply smiled that sappy grin of his and ignored the shouted compliment but he chose to wing it with a quick response. 

“Well, I won’t say that,” he modestly began.  He was interrupted by applause.  He continued, less modestly and now speaking as if he were one of his audience, ”but we’ve got a pretty good president:” 

“We?”  Who, pray tell, are these “we?” Since I’m not a shrink, I wouldn’t dare speculate what he meant by using that pronoun.  However, I must admit that this whole piece is an exercise in pop psychology.  It also veers into nitpicking but, hey, this is the president and I’m one of the electorate entitled to nitpick.

Maybe he was just being cute when he said, “We’ve got a pretty good president,” or maybe not.  To his credit, he didn’t suggest he was a ”great” or “superb” president, and he certainly didn’t agree that he was the “best president on Earth.” 

This is where the reality factor kicks in. 

I last ventured into pop psych with “Barack, A Product of His Syndromes,” in which I speculated that Obama may suffer from ACS, Abandoned Child Syndrome, or ICS, Interracial Copulation Syndrome, or both. 

That nineteen-month-old article concluded with, “Barely nine weeks into his tenure as America’s 44th president, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and leader of the free world, one can only hope Barack Obama’s missteps and misspeaks are nothing more or less than foibles and not an acting out as a consequence of dangerous syndromes:”

Well, I’m almost afraid to say but, based on his left coast remarks, it seems as if our president is suffering from yet another syndrome in addition to ACS and ICS, namely RARS, Refusal to Accept Reality Syndrome. 

All he has to do to cure his RARS would be to check out his poll numbers, check out the negative sentiment in the country, check out the unemployment and under-employment figures, check out where Dems rank in congressional and gubernatorial contests, and he just could become RARS-free!

He would still be plagued by his ACS and ICS but one step at a time.  The most important consideration is that living in the fantasy world that he’s been “pretty good” as a president could really screw up his very brilliant mind.