We already knew Barack Hussein Obama was America’s first semi-black president.  Now, according to Newsweek, he is apparently also our first gay president! 

I don’t know whether the editors at the magazine were trying to out our commander-in-chief as a homosexual or whether Michelle Obama was aware all these years that her hubby had been living in a closet. 

When the editors featured the president on the cover of their latest edition with his head crowned with a multi-colored halo, they may have been figuratively crowning him with the title of King of America’s gay community as an adjunct to his already well-earned titles of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, “the Anointed One,” “Master of the Universe,” etc. 

Unless it’s related to the president’s sudden, truly-miraculous, election-year evolution from being an adversary of same-sex marriage to finally comprehending the moraI and legal rightness of men marrying other men and women wedding other women, I really don’t grasp the editorial rationale of declaring Obama “The First Gay President.”

Perhaps if I read the leftist rag that is Newsweek, I’d comprehend more. 

I do know that the rainbow halo is a nice touch beautifully complementing all the other halos superimposed on his head by his mainstream media over the last four years. 

   WeaselZippers.us posted a nice collection of those evolving and suggestive media halos (http://bit.ly/JxJIWj) which some ridiculous,erted racist Obama-haters believe represent an MSM attempt to create a messianic Obamian aura to convince an ignorant electorate that he was and is “The One.” 

Much of America’s electorate is ignogorant–many proved that sad reality in 2008.  However, political ignorance induced by a concerted leftist propaganda campaign to distort and misrepresent political realities is much different from stupidity. 

God willing, after almost four years of this god-less, socialistic, leftist, gay-loving administration, voters will have the opportunity on November 6th to dispatch Obama and Company to the political oblivion it richly deserves.  If God is not willing, nothing else really matters, does it?