It had to be expected. 

With all the vitriol erupting out of both political parties, with the Democrat president skimming the bottom of the approval barrel at 37% and VP Joe Biden calling the imminent midterm election “more important” than 2008, with all the Dem guns–big guns and little guns–out on the hustings trying to salvage what’s salvageable next Tuesday, with a prominent Rhode Island Democrat telling Obama to “shove it,” things were bound to get dirty. 

Dirtier, I should say.  And they have gotten dirtier, in fact, ugly. 

Thus, in Chicago, where strange things seem to happen around election time, and at other times, a few hundred thousand potential mail-in voters may be SOL when it comes to having their choices count because a “glitch” happened.  Aside from the absurdity of voting by mail there was another absurdity:  their ballots were misdirected to the IDCC, the Illinois Democratic Coordinated Council, and they may not get postmarked by the deadline.  

Thus, in Kentucky during the Rand Paul-Jack Conway final debate to make Kentucky voters aware of where their candidates stand, a operative fell while attempting to disrupt the debate, had her blonde wig ripped off, and then, adding injury to insult, claimed she was stepped on by a Rand supporter.

Thus, at the same debate, a Rand Paul supporter, a woman who recently had had foot surgery and was wearing a surgical boot, had that foot stomped on by a Conway guy.  She had her incision torn open but both she and the other stompee refused medical treatment although both filed assault charges. 

Thus, in Vegas and in New Bern, N.C., Republican “early voters,” another absurdity, discovered to their dismay when they went to vote early that Harry Reid in Nevada and all Democrat candidates in North Carolina had already been checked on their ballots. 

Thus, also  in Nevada, Harry Reid and his teacher  union minions are busily buying and bribing voters with gift cards in clear violation of state election laws.

Thus. military ballots were sent out late or not at all in various states.

NCBM partnered with SEIU's   Anyone else smell a rat?  Anyone detect the aroma of the DNC in action?  Anyone catch the scent of Obama’s favorite union, the SEIU, whose members calibrate and maintain the voting machines?

The Dem fix is in, folks.  It’s looking like Daley’s 1960 redux.  Whether that fix will be sufficient to overcome America’s revulsion over Obama and his stalwarts is the only question.

VP Joe Biden at Lee Fisher   Fortunately, we have the new happy warrior, America’s clown prince, Joseph Robinette Biden who doesn’t only believe that next week’s election is “more important than the one that got Barack and me elected.”  He emphasized, ”It literally is!” 

He also firmly believes in another questionable brainchild that, “Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive:”   

Biden failed to include the 18th and 17th centuries probably only because he forgot them.

As for the 19th though the 21st centuries, he also failed to consider the ideas that inspired America’s railroads, steamships, telegraphs, telephone, and the electric light, among others.  He failed to consider the ideas of Mother Theresa, Helen Keller, and Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, among others.  He also failed to consider our current century, still in its infancy, but like the railroads and Gandhi, the development of ubiquitous cellphones (may have been) a great idea. 

The point is that Biden missed the point that “great ideas” never emanate from governments.  They come from people, individuals outside of governments who historically have always been the source of creativity and innovation. 

We should make allowances for our Joe, though.  He’ll be gone by 2012 and, after all, he is our clown prince, he is our resident simpleton, our much-needed comic relief in trying times.  We shouldn’t make any allowances for his Democrat Party which has taken our nation to the brink of bankruptcy and over the brink in terms of popular support by Americans.