“Stuff” is happening in America today that our country has rarely witnessed in our 224 year old history and none of it is propitious for our future.  

True, we have suffered through other major crises, but never so many at the same time.  

We survived the Revolution and early wars and revolts against our nationhood; we weathered a bloody Civil War; we eventually overcame the Great Depression; we struggled through the upheavals of the Civil Rights Movement the Viet Nam War protests; we mostly recovered from the horrors of September 11th, 2001; we lost thousands of our brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and some believe we actually won those wars. 

However, we have never endured so many contemporaneous, dire threats to our national security, our fiscal future, our way of life, our cherished values, and our national character as we are witnessing today. 

America made a grave mistake in November, 2008, a terrible mistake which, in the brief span of three and a half years, has served to greatly intensify those dire threats. 

To be sure, the election of President Barack Hussein Obama did not incite crazed Muslim terrorists to launch an unprovoked war against the “Great Satan” and the entire Western world; that war has been ongoing for decades and has been smoldering for centuries. 

What Obama has done is to minimize the magnitude of the dangers posed by Islam and has catered to, literally bowed to, the very Muslim potentate whose country hatched and financed 9/11.

He declared that a war on terrorism didn’t exist and then announced that the non-existent war was over by virtue of the defeat of al-Qaeda and our supposed victories in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which is a valid assumption. 

He established domestic security measures which are more smoke and mirrors than actual safety nets.  Perhaps the most telling feature of this commander-in-chief’s perspective on Americans’ safety was his 2010 concession to Fareed Zakariah that we are “resilient” enough to “bounce back” after nuclear attacks.     

We were woefully unprepared for the Second World War.  We are far more vulnerable in this, the Third World War, thanks to our president. 

Should we somehow succeed in overcoming Muslim forces intent on destroying the America we love, we would still have to contend with the Great Recession, an economy which began to implode in 2008 and which shows few signs of real recovery.  

The Obama administration’s total disregard for fiscal sanity and racking up trillions of dollars in unprecedented national deficits and debt has already cost the United States its long-standing AAA credit rating with no hope of paying our bills in sight.  

The administration’s obsession with socialistic social programs such as food stamps, multi-billion dollar boondoggles and bailouts, and oppressive environmental regulations  have stifled job growth and fostered dependency among the millions of the poor and the unemployed.   

In brief, our economy and our society are a critical mess, a disaster as beneficial to Obama’s re-election prospects due to that widespread dependency as it is destructive of the human spirit.

Wars and rumors of war combined with economic malaise would be more than sufficient to effect America’s downfall.  Unfortunately, there’s much more on our  dismal plate: The social fabric which is supposed to bind us together and define us as a nation is  disintegrating as rapidly as the integrity of our borders.  

As great and exceptional as the United States is, our country never was perfect. 

We aren’t and never were a “melting pot” of assorted races and ethnicities.  We have never been a violence-free, hate-free, tension-free Utopia.  We were, nevertheless, still Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on a hill,” a grand experiment in capitalist freedom and prosperity, a democratic republic which, until very recently, had been the envy and model for countless failed imitators. 

But, our fabric is unraveling. 

The George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case most clearly capsulizes what’s wrong in our society.  A white man shot and killed a black man in obvious self defense and for political and propaganda reasons the tragedy was blown out of proportion by black agitators, by the mass media, and our Department of Justice, all committed to contorting the facts into an act of white racism.  

Even so, we didn’t need that debacle to tear us apart.

Last week, Obama touted his  We already had homosexual activists dedicated to subverting our age-old Judeo-Christian moral precepts and who are aided and abetted by the president.  

We already had thousands of Occupy malcontents working diligently and violently to undermine faith in the financial system which has been the basis of America’s success. 

Maniac is a truly trashy film  We already had an entertainment industry and “entertainers” that for decades have been producing and appearing in films, television shows more appropriate for Sodom and Gomorah than for Peoria and Tampa. 

We already had people more interested in revolution and social unrest than in perfecting our flawed experiment.

Add to our domestic trials a world on the brink of all-out mayhem that could make Americans yearn for previous conflicts to our domestic trials, anyone who continues to reside in Nirvāṇa and deny we are at risk should posthaste be confined to the nearest mental institution.