hatred  In 2008, a conservative website headlined a story, “Why Bill Clinton Hates Barack Obama AND Hillary” which posited the theory that Bill hated Obama because the latter was everything he was not and his wife because she posed a threat to his legacy. 

“Hatred” and “hate” are powerful words, almost as potent as “racism.” 

Did George Zimmerman hate Trayvon Martin when he shot him, or was he merely defending himself?  Did Rev. Jeremiah Wright hate the United States when he screamed “God damn America,” or was he simply angry?  Do investors hate Facebook for Zuckering them?  Does Barack Hussein Obama hate our country, or does he just act that way? 

Does Bill Clinton, deep-down, hate Barack Obama? 

The effects of the word “hatred” can be mitigated by using euphemisms such as “dislike,” “antipathy,” even “disenchantment,” none of which carry the gut impact of “hatred” and none of those alternatives adequately describes the feelings of politicians who despise an adversary yet must create an aura of amity toward members of their party if they want to remain in its good graces.

President Barack Obama with former President Bill Clinton  Former President William Blythe Jefferson Clinton, who has expressed deep  regret that he couldn’t be president for life, has frequently demonstrated his disdain for the current president, though that disdain has rarely seen the light of day in Obama’s mainstream media. 

We’ll probably never know for certain Bill’s true feelings about Barry since pols are notorious hypocrites who can smile at you while plunging an 8-inch stilletto into your back and Clinton is especially adept at smiling and plunging simultaneously. 

Ex-President Bill Clinton got angry again today over a certain magazine article and another candidate who recently quit his church but he added it doesn't bother him  Bubba sure does seem to like Obama.  After all, he publicly supported him and campaigned for him four years ago–after then-Senator Obama beat Hillary in the Democrat primaries.   Following that bitterly-fought contest, Bubba uttered nary a single negative (mainstream-published) word against the new chief executive. 

However, things are not always what they appear in the smarmy world of political intrigue.

Notwithstanding Obama’s masterful move of appointing Hillary Clinton to the post of Secretary of State thereby nullifying any possibility of her carping at him, just last year hubby Bill reportedly had a nasty confrontation with the commander in chief.

According to Britain’s The Globe, cited multiple, unidentified sources, Clinton believes Obama is “the worst President ever” and his presidency is a “sinking ship” that is “taking the Democratic party and the country down with him” and when Obama  questioned him about the comments, the former president responded, “Yes, it’s a fact.” 

The Globe added, “At that point, Obama went ballistic and told the ex-Prez, America’s first black president, ’Then you are a racist and no different than the rest of them.’ “  

We could dismiss that account if not for Edward Klein’s recent unauthorized Obama biography, The Amateur, in which Klein alleges much the same thing concerning the actual relationship between the two men. 

Klein wrote that Clinton thinks the president is “incompetent” and an amateur and urged Hillary to run against Obama for the Democratic nomination, correctly reasoning that “the economy’s a mess, it’s dead flat.  America has lost its Triple-A rating.”

He also told his wife, “You know better than Obama does.  The country needs you!”  Klein quoted Bill as warning, ”The country needs us!” which gives more credibility to the accuracy of the exchange in that it reflects Bill’s known egomaniacal character. 

Does Billy hate Barry?  Probably.  He will hate him even more if Obama is re-elected, drives the country further down the toilet, and wins another Nobel Peace Prize, this time for economics.