Big Brother is Watching You  There are many obvious and unsettling parallels between life in America under Barack Hussein Obama in 2012 and life in Oceania under Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.   

The deification of Oceania’s omnipresent leader, the overbearing intrusion of a socialistic government into the private lives of its citizens, the thought control implemented by the Inner Party, the denial of individual freedom and liberties in favor of collectivism, the propagandizing, etc. all have parallels in America today.

The mindless worship of The Anointed One, his socialistic obsession, his belief in hate (thought) crimes, his collectivist outlook on life, his commitment to an all-powerful pervasive central government are scarily reminiscnt of 1984.  

The only features missing from Obamaland are incessant wars, which may be in progress, and “the thing” in Room 101, “the worst thing in the world” for Winston Smith: rats. 

Rats may be on the agenda in Obama’s second term along with implementation of other horrors he pledged to effect when he has more “flexibility,” as he promised Medvedev-Putin, after he is re-elected in November.

The president and his henchmen have been tirelessly working on the propaganda aspect of their version of Oceania. 

With the unmistakable stench of electoral defeat in the air, a loss almost incomprehensible considering the culture of voter dependency carefully plotted by the administration and despite the all-but-universal support of Obama’s mainstream media, Obama and his lackeys have taken a new tack: linking his failed presidency with previous American chief executives. 

In a tactic that can best be described as Nixonian, Obamians have attempted to re-write history by appending Obama blurbs to the biographies of every American president since Calvin Coolidge. ( 

Coolidge famously announced he did not “choose to run” again for president in 1928.  Obama has been running since kindergarten so it’s unlikely he will make a similar pronouncement.  


Claiming “no biographies have been altered”, the Obama team simply distorted–rather than “altered”–the presidential biographies by adding revisionist and misleading “fact boxes” to the website pages.

The distortions included any number of debatable “facts.”

They incorporated suggestions that Obamacare was nothing more than an extension of FDR’s Social Security and Lyndon Johnson’s Medicare initiatives, that Jimmy Carter’s interest in civil rights was a prelude to repealing the Clinton military’s DADT policy, that Obama’s proposed, punitive tax codes coincided with President Ronald Reagan’s tax policies.

In the “Did You Know?” fact box addenda on the White House website, the president’s handlers also linked him to everyone from Herbert Hoover to John F. Kennedy to a man who thinks he’s an inept “amateur,” Bill Clinton,  and to their much-reviled, favorite scapegoat, George W. Bush.  

See all the Obama re-election presidential revisions at 

Welcome to Rats Doncaster:  Sixty three years ago, George Orwell published a novel envisioning a dystopian world of twisted politicians dedicated to perpetuating that sick world.  Sixty three years later, Americans are living that sickness.  Room 101 and the rats could be waiting in the wings.