Mitt Romney Wins The Facebook  With Barack Hussein Obama’s candidacy on the ropes thanks mainly to his ineptness and  far-out ideology, Mitt Romney could very well be America’s next president if he really wanted to be. 

Apparently, he doesn’t.  

Our economy is stuck in the doldrums, the unemployment rate stands at 8.1%, Obama’s “evolution” on homosexuals marrying other homosexuals alienated what remained of his support among Christians and other traditionalists, and now it’s been reported that his former literary agent said he was “born in Kenya” and his old spiritual adviser has ratted him out. 

Had Mitt Romney written the script for his becoming the 45th president of the United States, he couldn’t have done any better. 

Yet, Romney is on the verge of blowing it by taking the high road, the same road to ignominious defeat travelled by Sen. John McCain in 2008. 

Four years ago, McCain opted against winning the presidency by telling it like it is about  the character of his Democrat opponent and instead ran an ultra-principled race devoid of any references to Obama’s character or his toxic past. 

He thereby removed the most potent evidence that the junior senator from Illinois was an extremist who would cause great harm to the country.  That evidence, combined with Obama’s lack of experience, qualifications, and moral rectitude, could have resulted in an implosion of the presumptuous Obama campaign and given the U.S. a war hero and seasoned statesman as president in lieu of a “neighborhood organizer.” 

McCain chose to ignore Obama’s tainted background, his close associations with extremist domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and his 20 years in sitting in the pews of  black racist Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s Trinity United Church while Wright spewed his hateful venom against white people and our country. 

McCain lost, America lost, and the United States was saddled with the most left wing, most divisive, most incompetent, most pro-abortion, and the most disastrous leader in our history, Jimmy Carter not excepted.  

2012 is shaping up to be what Yogi would have called déjà vu all over again.  Romney has decided to follow McCain’s route to failure and to condemn the nation to four more years of disaster.  

Rebuffing calls from GOP conservatives and such Republican stalwarts as Sean Hannity that he not repeat McCain’s grave mistake of exempting Obama from scrutiny of his radical past, Romney not only won’t mention the president’s terrorist connections in his campaign but won’t refer to Obama’s years of listening to and absorbing Rev. Wright’s racist, subversive, anti-American sermons-rants. (

Jeremiah Wright than they let  Obama eventually tossed Wright, his long-time “spiritual” mentor, who had baptized his children, and who had been the inspiration for The Audacity of Hope, to the curb and ran for his electoral life in 2008 after the heat over Wright became intolerable.

Playing its usual role of providing cover for liberals, the MSM never properly vetted Obama or investigated the reverend last time around and will undoubtedly be true to form this year.

And Romney seems prepared to follow suit and give the president another pass. 

It’s all very nice and honorable for Romney to take that righteous high road above the fray to deter any allegations of negativity–even by tarring your opponent with truth.  It’s also very stupid and unpatriotic and will insure defeat by his not informing the American people of who Barack Hussein Obama is, what he was, and what he surely will be in our future.