CENSORSHIP - demotivational  DrudgeReport.com’s Friday headline, “Race Related Hate Crimes Up, Coincide with Obama Presidency”, seemed to confirm what most people who follow the news already knew, that since the election of Barack Hussein Obama, incidents of blacks attacking whites had increased wildly, maybe exponentially.  

Not so. 

First of all, it’s difficult to determine numbers since the MSM rarely notes the race of the alleged criminals, a description that could aid in their apprehension.  Secondly, much of the media don’t bother to report black racist crimes at all.  

In any event, the linked article from ABCNews referred to the reaction of “white supremacist groups” to Obama’s presidency, not to the proliferation of black violence. 

Indeed, ABC never saw fit to mention that proliferation, instead focusing exclusively on the increase in the number of white militias–from 150 to 1,274 over three years–who are incensed over “changes in demographics” and resort to violence, while never citing a single instance of that violence. (http://abcn.ws/LjAC3H) 

Correction: “what most people who follow the news already knew” should read, “what most people are oblivious of” since the mainstream media, often with the complicity of law enforcement, has long been engaged in a concerted effort to conceal the extent of black hate crimes. 

There are various reasons for the MSM’s failure to fulfill their fundamental journalistic responsibilities to the public of reporting news objectively and honestly. 

Some in the media claim they are striving to avoid stirring up dissension, although they had no problem distorting facts related to the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case and causing nationwide upheavals with their proven misrepresentations. 

Others claim black on white crime isn’t inspired by hatred of Caucasians but by poverty and discrimination which, in turn, somehow inspires blacks to attack whites in droves even though worse poverty and discrimination existed years ago and didn’t effect the mayhem we see today.  

What most of the lamestreamers won’t admit is that they tailor much of the news to benefit Democrats and, especially, Barack Obama. 

Featuring story after story involving black people assaulting, robbing, maiming, and murdering white people might awaken Americans to the reality that there is a one-sided race war in progress in America which could negatively impact Obama’s re-election chances.  

Of course, First Lady Michelle Obama is on record as saying that every negative critique of her husband must incorporate a racist component, an odd opinion in light of Obama’s proclamation of a “post-racial America”, and an opinion that puts a damper on any implied criticism and automatically labels the critic a racist. 

Lady O’s tactic is a variation on the theory that a great offense trumps any defense.        

The Thomas Sowell Experiment Noted African-American economist/philosopher/professor/prolific author Thomas Sowell is a keen observer of social trends in the United States.  He is also fully cognizant of our race war and often goes on the offensive to illustrate the perils of that ongoing conflict.

Sowell recently warned of the dangers of media censorship of black crime which only serves to feed racial tensions and which could very well lead to a white “backlash.”  

Raised in Harlem, the former high school dropout and Marine went on to earn a B.A. from Harvard, an M.A. from Columbia, and a PhD from the University of Chicago, Sowell recognizes that MSM policies of censoring the news is fraught with dangers both for the nation and for African-Americans. 

Sowell joins the minuscule contingent of conservative black thinkers, including Prof. Walter E. Williams, who are ignored and denigrated by the extremist Black Establishment because they speak and publish the truth. (See http://bit.ly/JWCpHJ.)  

As Dr. Williams has said, “Most racist assaults are committed by blacks,” a statistically-verifiable statement which runs counter to the Black Establishment’s money-in-the-bank contention that African-Americans are being decimated by evil Caucasians.   

In “A Censored Race War?” Sowell recounts a few of the many examples of members of his race who have participated in senseless assaults on other races. 

He refers to the cases of two white newspaper reporters from the “Virginia Pilot” who were viciously attacked by a black mob, an assault their own paper didn’t report, a mindless  beating of a strolling white couple, and a 22 year old woman beaten and bloodied by black thugs in Milwaukee.

Sowell cites “episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other places across the country.”  

None of the “episodes” were reported by the media and none were investigated by the police.  (http://bit.ly/JFjDor) 

Although Dr. Sowell is clearly correct in attributing the cause of the current mayhem to black “hucksters” such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, hopefully he is wrong in his characterization of the explosion of black violence against whites as evidence of a race war.  

Whether he is rejected or accepted as a prophet in his own land may determine whether the MSM and local authorities finally come to grasp the severity and extent of black racism in America.   

xlarge  UPDATE: WND.com published an article on Friday that strongly reinforces Dr. Sowell’s opinions on black criminality. 

Titled, “Call for Crackdown on Black-on-White Terror”, WND cites Maryland legislator Pat McDonough’s impassioned call for state troopers to intercede in Baltimore’s wave of terror by blacks violently attacking the city’s white citizens. 

True to form, the Baltimore mayor and police commissioner dismissed the violence as nothing more than “a bar brawl” and “an isolated incident”. (http://bit.ly/JWnwGx)