Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of   Democrat Congressman Barney Frank’s website gives this quickie introduction: “Barney Frank has been in Congress since 1981. He is the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.  Previously he was a Massachusetts State Representative and an assistant to the Mayor of Boston.  He has also taught at several Boston area universities.”  

Would that that were all that could be said about the representative of Massachusetts’ 4th c.d. 

The second member of the United States House of Representatives to openly declare his homosexuality, in 1987, according to Wikipedia, Barney shares his Newton, MA. duplex with his current “partner,” Jim Ready of Maine when both are in town.  Sister to Democrat Ann Lewis, DNC operative and advisor to Hillary Clinton in 2008, Barney’s net worth as of that year was claimed to be $972,150. 

Not bad at all for a nice, Jewish boy from Bayonne whose father managed a truck stop and served a year in the clinker.

Wikipedia provides precious little other information about Barney’s “personal life” but does say, correctly, that, “He is considered to be one of the most powerful members of Congress, which also makes him the most powerful homosexual in Congress and he’s never been reticent to exercise that power with gay legislation and causes. 

Steve Gobie, who turned   What Wikipedia notably omits are references to the scandals of Rep. Barney Frank, principally consorting with a male prostitute, Steven Gobie, whom he later hired as a “personal assistant” and who used Barney’s Washington basement as a homosexual brothel.  Barney’s fellow Dems didn’t see any of that as worthy of expulsion or even of censure. 

It must be nice to work with good, Democrat buddies. 

Spokesmen for Fannie Mae and    Still, it’s one thing to be given a free pass by your buddies and by the mass media in matters involving perverted sexual peccadillos.  It’s quite another to get a wink when it comes to being complicit in the worst financial scandal in a century, that Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae/banking debacle that surfaced in 2008 and from which President Obama masterfully saved us from total catastrophe, or worse. 

As summarized Barney’s subsequent conversion to reality, “After years of dissembling and denial, Rep. Barney Frank has finally come out.  He now says bankrupt government mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ‘should be abolished.’  Better late than never:” 

Indeed, it’s very late for Barney and, if not for the few media who cited his, and Dem Senator Chris Dodd, CT, active complicity in the collapse of Freddie and Fannie, it would have been “never” that he weighed in with a modicum of truth. went on to say, “Frank, who, more than any other elected official, championed the cause of the government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [and] is most responsible for stopping GSE reform in the early 2000s, at a time when such a move might have prevented the financial meltdown.”

RCM continued, ”In 2002, again, Frank said: “I do not regard Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as problems. I regard them as assets.”  In 2003, he repeated himself in opposing reform, saying he did not “regard Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as problems.” 

Well, sorry, Barney, but there was a grave need of reform, a reform which you resisted for whatever verifiable reasons I can’t say.  I can, however, speculate: You were in the pockets of Fannie and Freddy and, almost worse, you subscribed to the oh-so-democratic and oh-so-popular position that any and everyone was entitled to own a home in these United States. 

Those dastardly, un-democratic Republicans were preaching the absurd notion that, unless they’re Democrat millionaires, people usually struggle and scrimp and save before they are able to become homeowners. 

Republicans were warning that unless potential homebuyers fully understood their responsibilities in owning vs. renting, unless they were fully capable of handling that monthly mortgage nut + real estate taxes + maintenance + utilities + unknowns, maybe they should postpone buying with minimal or zero down. 

Barney and Company lambasted those insensitive, uncaring, un-American bastards and voila! the mortgage, banking crisis.  

RCM concluded its August piece as follows:  “Let’s get government out of the business of encouraging homeownership, an undertaking at which it has failed miserably.  Now that the idea is dead, let’s bury it once and for all.”

Fat chance, RCM!  With Barney and Friends in power, we can only expect more and worse financial and international disasters.  Last I heard, Republicans weren’t miracle workers either but they seemed to have learned the errors of their G.W. Bush spending ways.  If they haven’t shown a learning experience by 2012, turn them out! 

In the interim, let’s get rid of Barney Frank who has been re-elected for umpteen terms mainly because the liberal bastions of Ivy Dartmouth and Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley are located in the 4th c.d. 

Dartmouth and Wellesley students: If you really believe in change, how about a change for the better and vote for Sean Bielat, a (straight) businessman and a Marine.  If Marines scare you, Bielat promises a real change and a real voice in Washington. 

He’s worth a shot, no? 

An entertaining afterthought:  The Barney Frank Shuffle, a video  Enjoy!