Except for the deep satisfaction that comes from being demonstrably correct, there’s no upside to criticizing certain groups and people in America. 

Say something negative concerning African-Americans or the president and you’re immediately branded a racist no matter how true and verifiable the critique.  Say anything critical of homosexuals and you’re castigated as a hateful, homophobic Neanderthal despite the accuracy of the criticism.  

However, the truth shall set you free so I’ll say and write it anyway: Gays despise normality.   

Virtually everything I’ve read and seen about the homosexual community in the gay-friendly MSM depicts homosexuals as an oppressed minority who simply seek acceptance and recognition as normal people with different sexual proclivities who are misunderstood by heterosexuals. 

LGBT Rocks.  Nothing could be farther from reality, at least for leaders in the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered (LGBT) movement who dictate the gay agenda. 

If gays simply sought acceptance and recognition, why would they actively recruit, stage outrageous displays, and try to stifle straights when they voice their disagreement?

For example, why does the LGBT sponsor annual days of silence in schools and gay weeks where kids are encouraged to try the gay lifestyle?  Why do they promote annual gay parades and other festivities where homosexuals exhibit themselves in half-naked costumes and engage in outrageously gross behaviors?  Why do they push for gay days at amusement parks where they intentionally make themselves a seperate minority? 

(See previous posts on all of the above.)

Such activities only accomplish shock and disgust, not acceptance and inclusion in the mainstream of society.  They serve to reinforce common perceptions that gays are far from what they assert, namely just a variation on the norm.   

Long before President Barack Hussein Obama’s sudden, election year “evolution” on same-sex marriage, gays had been making huge inroads within the entertainment, mass media, and other very public industries.  Representing an infinitesimal 2% of our population, for some reason, homosexuals are disproportionately represented in every field from sitcoms to politics to cable news.  

As for very plausible reasons?  Think political correctness and gay dominance in the entertainment industry.    

It may have taken his daughters to convince Obama of the moral and societal rectitude of men marrying men and women marrying women but gays had already been blazing their own trails.  The president’s imprimatur was nothing more than icing on the gay wedding cake. 

Legal recognition of civil unions was not nearly enough to satisfy the homosexual lobby, although civil unions would have gone a long way toward acceptance and recognition. 

Instead, gays demanded the right to be “married,” often in church ceremonies, which many religious organizations consider to be an effort to undermine the institution of marriage.  Homosexuals insisted they be accepted as legally “normal” while they indulged in behaviors the American Psychiatric Association once diagnosed as “abnormal.”

Of course, that was before the gay lobby succeeded in pressuring the APA to adopt a more PC diagnosis.

The gay campaign for normality is supplemented by concerted efforts to repress any and all views which differ from theirs. 

Screen Shot 20120527 at 110513 AM  Case in point is YouTube’s expunging of a 16 year old North Carolina girl’s video defense of traditional marriage and her state’s 60% vote to affirm the age-old principle is that ”marriage is between one man and one woman.”  

Madaleine McAulay’s video was removed by YouTube because it allegedly violated “community standards.”   

I don’t know who at YouTube made the call to yank Ms. McAulay’s totally civil feelings on what marriage is all about but someone obviously took offense.  The offense-taker undoubtedly had to be someone who strongly disagreed with her on who should be legally-sanctioned to marry whom since there is no offensive content.  

The girl speaks from her heart–respectfully and articulately, and in a manner devoid of typical teenage angst and foul language.

Ms. McAulay doesn’t hate gays, contrary to vicious charges against her, but she does confess to other beliefs inimical to homosexuals as the foundations of her viewpoints–a deeply-felt, Christian religious conviction and a staunch political conservativism.

Neither sit well with Obama’s homosexual constituency or, apparently, with YouTube.  

See and hear Madaleine McAulay’s totally inoffensive, 190 second video here  http://bit.ly/KGY6wX.  

If homosexuals are sincere in seeking acceptance and recognition, the worst approaches to accomplishing those goals are obscene self-exhibitions, disgraceful attempts to seduce children, and Nazi-like suppression of free speech and open discussion. 

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