Most Americans have been shocked at one time or another.  I still recall having my brains scrambled when I was a pre-teen and made the mistake of touching the stove and an ungrounded steam iron at the same time, but that was a different kind of shock.

Our elders were shocked by the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th,  1941.  We all were shaken by the events in New York City and  Washington, D.C. on September 11th, 2001. 

In between, we experienced all types of minor and major emotional upheavals although not with the regularity with which they have occurred recently. 

That is, if we even recognize them as shocking anymore since Americans seem to have become inured to shocks because of their frequency. 

True, one man’s startling events are routine to others.  

    The Time cover of a young mother nursing her four year old and another picture of two uniformed, military moms nursing their infants in public struck many as shockingly inappropriate even though nursing is a completely natural function.   Incidents of cannibalism in Florida and Maryland are totally unnatural and all but universally considered shocking.

Happenings causing reactions of revulsion and utter disbelief are regarded by some others as things that come with the human territory, simplistically acceptable because “they are what they are.”   

For example, abortion has become so common, so ordinary, it is widely accepted since the mother or a relative or someone they know has aborted a pre-born baby.  In fact, with over 50,000,000 abortions committed in the United States since 1973, the “procedure” has become almost commonplace and evokes little reaction from the majority of Americans  and less attention from lawmakers. 

Lack of concern for terminating an innocent, human life doesn’t make the act any less a horror.   

bob dylan barack obama  When President Barack Hussein Obama awarded Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan, and Dolores Clara Fernandez Huerta America’s most prestigious civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, it was not only a shocker but a gross insult to the other twelve recipients. 

The Medal of Freedom is intended to be presented to individuals who have made  significant contributions to America’s national interests, to world peace or to worthwhile causes.

Granted, Zimmerman-Dylan is a musical icon but for what?  His radical, left wing music dealt almost exclusively with anti-American despair, discontent, and dissent and made him a multimillionaire even as he championed the poor and downtrodden.  He fed manna to the drug culture, helped stoke riots throughout the country, and surely contributed to America’s political defeat in Viet Nam. 

Arrested dozens of times for inciting civil unrest and refusing to obey the law, confirmed Marxist Dolores Huerta virtually abandoned her children in her quest for socialistic justice for children and her ten year old foundation now engages in the same activities practiced by the disgraced and de-funded ACORN organization. 

What Bob Dylan or Dolores Huerta contributed to America’s national interests, peace, or worthy cause is a indecipherable mystery understood only by Barack Hussein Obama.

Muslim Nation Minister Louis Farrakhan rarely engages in mysteries but he’s no stranger to shocking controversy.  Lately, the former Calypso Louis has outdone himself. 

On record as hating whites and denouncing our black president, Crazy Louis has now attacked America’s thievery and sneakily promotes a race war. 

Following a videotaped threat that Allah will “bring down” America’s skyscrapers unless “America submits,” the less-than-reverend Farrakhan ranted to an audience in San Diego  that our “trickery” in the Mexican-American war stole California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado from the good people of Mexico. 

Not content with revisioning history, Farrakhan also ripped into Americans as “a people that make war and blame the person they makin’ war on and then take your land” and ranted that whites will soon “be the minority in their own country that they took from the native people.” 

Based on current trends, Calypso Louie is on target regarding Caucasians losing control of the nation they founded and developed into the most successful and most powerful nation in world history. 

However, are there no laws prohibiting sedition? 

  Finally, perhaps the ultimate shocking absurdity: The United Nations, that bastion of freedom and of everything good on Planet Earth, named Robert Mugabe, the murderous, racist Zimbabwe despot who drove a prosperous, thriving Rhodesia into unimaginable deprivation and starvation its “tourism envoy.”

Masochists, sadists, and other twisted tourists must be excited over the prospect of bearing witness to the end results of a brutal, socialistic regime.  

Personally, I’d prefer an electrical shock.