Tuesday, June 5th might be the day that determines the future of the state of Wisconsin and offers a glimpse of America’s future post-November 6th.

The results of the misbegotten, hugely expensive, recall election of the Badger State’s duly elected Republican governor at the instigation of Big Labor and civil service unions will effectively serve as a barometer of nationwide voter sentiment on economic realities, despite Democrat efforts to play down the significance of the outcome.   

At this late stage, with conservative Scott Walker leading liberal Tom Barrett by as many as eight percentage points in various polls, it appears Walker will still be the governor after the dust settles and the ballots are honestly counted.  Democrats are notorious for minimizing the importance of contests they think they will lose, a habit perfectly illustrated by their president’s failure to support their candidate or even visit Wisconsin in the closing days of the election. 

The state’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch nailed the truth of the significance of a probable Walker victory: “How can they [Obama's Democrat Party] possibly spin this?  There is no consolation prize here.  It’s clear–the path to prosperity is paved with fiscal responsibility.  And everyone shares in prosperity.”

The supreme irony in the unprecedented recall attempt is that Walker was elected primaily on his pledge to return his state to fiscal sanity after years of Democrat reckless  spending.   To the chagrin of Democrats and their union supporters, Walker has largely fulfilled that pledge and they despise him for his achievement. 

  The Wisconsin recall has been described as “the battle of our times,” which it is and isn’t.

It is undoubtedly a battle. 

Last spring, the nation witnessed the disgraceful lengths to which Walker’s opponents would go in that battle when teachers abandoned their classrooms in order to trash the Capitol building in Madison, slander and threaten the governor and his family, employing tactics more befitting Third Worlders than Americans. 

Complementing those mindless displays, Democrat legislators literally ran away from their legislative responsibilities in Madison and state troopers had to be sent to round them up.   

For the second time in two years, this election pits Governor Scott Walker against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a classic struggle between Republican moderation and Democrat excess, between a governor who has succeeded and a mayor who has failed, between public workers’ exorbitant demands and a public forced to dig even deeper to pay for those demands.

On the other hand, as momentous as it is, the recall hardly represents “the battle of our times.”

Considering the many other struggles America faces under the reign of President Barack Hussein Obama, Walker v. Barrett pales in comparison. 

Contrasted with our ongoing wars with al-Qaeda and the Taliban, our moribund economy and 8.2% unemployment rate, our multi-trillion dollar debt, our disillusioned and frustrated citizenry, and our host of other major national and international issues, Walker-Barrett is relatively small potatoes. 

Still, the battle isn’t simply a typical Republican versus Democrat race.  It  represents more than a man who accomplished what he promised to do versus a man who for eight years served as mayor of Milwaukee and presided over that city’s decline. 

Depending on the outcome, the recall results will reflect whether Americans want continued economic stagnation and national malaise or progress and recovery.   

However, confronted by the adament opposition of labor unions who are noted for strongarming and intimidation and who would prefer Wisconsin declare bankruptcy rather that surrender union rights to “bargain,” there is no certainty.  

As someone once cynically observed, it’s not a question of who votes but who counts the ballots; on Monday, Obama’s Justice Department announced it would be sending DoJ ”monitors” to insure there are no violations of federal law. 

Rejecting Walker won’t be the end of the world as we know it.  It will only be another sign that our country is in dire straits and another indicator that voters disrespect the orderly democrat process. 

Re-electing Walker will send a clear signal to Washington that voters are fed up with the “party of the people” employing thuggery to accomplish change and with out-of-control governments using deceptions to implement their destructive economic goals.