In their desperate attempts to distract voters from Barack Hussein Obama’s 3 1/2 year record of abysmal failure, the president, his mainstream media, and Obama’s administration minions have resorted to every outlandish slander conceivable.

Among other lies, they have falsely claimed that Mitt Romney mistreated his dog Seamus, that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life,” and that Republicans hate women.

As with their other pathetic strategies, all the shameless Democrat attacks have fallen flat, especially the canard that the GOP is engaged in a war against the fair sex. 

Liberals seem to love wars, as evidenced by their wars against religion, against “the rich,” against anyone and anything that displeases them.

Disregarding an epidemic of attacks on women by libs, the Left focuses on conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and on specious allegations that congressional Republicans are “out to get” women.

Liberals ignore the incessant abuse of Sarah Palin, forgive Bill Maher for referring to Palin and other conservative women as c*nts, overlook Ed Schultz’  denigration of Laura Ingraham as “a right wing slut,” and excuse Keith Olbermann for saying S. E. Cupp should have been aborted.   

The Left chooses to grant their resident misogynists a pass and instead have honed in on Limbaugh’s apt, if unfortunate, observation that Sandra Fluke is a slut.

FDA Permits Use of Fetal Brain  There is indeed a war in progress against women, a war being waged by liberal Democrats and they’re  taking no prisoners.  In fact, libs are literally executing the most vulnerable and innocent females in American society, future women, the pre-born variety. 

  The Left regards abortion, what Ann Coulter called a liberal sacrament, as sacrosanct.  They also have long endorsed, subsidized, and protected the nation’s most prolific abortionist, Planned Parenthood of America.  

Apparently, killing pre-born girls (and boys) is perfectly acceptable to liberals, just as long as we protect the mysterious constitutional “right to privacy” of mothers-to-be and their unwritten right to choose if they want to give birth to girl babies as opposed to boy babies. 

Whether potential moms opt for baby blue eyes over brown for their progeny or for no progeny at all, seems to be fine with the Left and for PPoA. 

Neither vivid exposés of PPoA’s illegal activities–such as facilitating pimps when they want to abort the babies of their underaged prostitutes–nor Planned Parenthood’s exorbitant profits derived from murdering the pre-born, nor PPoA’s concerted efforts to seduce teenagers into accepting the normality of homosexual relations and promiscuity have deterred the Left from championing the efforts by PPoA to honor their sacrament. 

Since the liberal MSM shows no interest in exposing what PPoA really does, it falls to independent sources to out the organization. 

Most recently, Margaret Sanger’s brainchild was caught counseling a young woman on how to kill her unborn baby in the event she is pregnant with a girl–and have taxpayers pay for it! 

At a South Austin, Texas Planned Parenthood facility, a counselor laughed as she explained to the woman the chicanery PPoA employs to get Medicaid or some other  program to cover the procedure and cautions the woman not to tell anyone she is aborting her baby if it’s a girl. 

The entire South Austin session with the woman, who is actually a pro-life activist, was videotaped in a sting operation: 

Of course, Planned Parenthood labeled the sting “a hoax,” the same way it characterizes all proof that it is breaking the law by using sex selection as a criterion for commiting an abortion. 

No doubt, a competitor in the baby-killing industry, the National Abortion Federation, would characterize another sting in Phoenix, Arizona as a hoax.  See the NAF’s commission of the identical felony here

When the United States’ House of Representatives rejected a Republican bill last week that would have penalized physicians who performed “sex-selective” abortions with fines and jail sentences, liberals must have been ecstatic.      

For the uninformed and the oblivious, the sole purpose of controlling the gender of an unborn child, a common practice in Communist China, is to limit the births of females.    

If gender selection abortions don’t represent a Democrat war against women, what does?  Do we need a war declaration? 

Maybe we need some publicity for the FDA’s report that the abortafacient drug RU 486 has resulted in not only the deaths of 1.2 million babies as of 2011 but the deaths of at least 14 women and “adverse effects” for thousands more?  (   

The contention that Republicans are warring against the female gender is best disproven by the reality that we treasure life and don’t advocate for frivolous sex-selection.   Most of us oppose abortion and endorse the idea of women being advised that when they abort their babies they are snuffing out innocent, human lives and endangering their own, an entirely-reasonable reality hidden by PPoA.  

Thanks to liberals, millions of female babies will never be born.  Should the most pro-abortionist president in America’s history be re-elected we might end up in Communist China’s position of having a severe dearth of women in our population and a frustrated excess of horny, unwed, men. 

In that eventuality, homosexuals would be delighted and the rest of the males in America would probably crash porn websites.