The debacle of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recall, an exercise in futility and political partisanship, may be over but, as predicted here, by a million other blogsites, and on Fox News, the liberal, literal, weeping and gnashing of teeth have just begun.  

In the aftermath of conservative Republican Walker soundly trouncing liberal Democrat  Tom Barrett on Tuesday, thereby proving that intelligent voters realize that the Wisconsin is in dire economic straits, liberal Dems have erupted with a cascade of phony charges and threats.  

Hurling unsubstantiated allegations that the GOP stole the election, that dastardy rich outsiders unduly influenced the electorate, that union members were bought, that money and not a deep-rooted sense of fiscal responsibility determined Tuesday’s outcome, Big Labor and its civil service lackeys resorted to every possible ploy to defeat Walker.  

And they failed.

After shamelessly undermining the democratic process by lodging every slander short of alleging that Walker had fathered a Jesse Jackson-John Edwards-type love child, the Left was united in condemning the closely-monitored election as a fraud. 

And they failed. 

Wait, they did try that love child canard and it, too, flopped.  

Liberals in the Badger State and in Obama’s mass media reacted to the taxpayer repudiation not by graciously accepting defeat but with an amazing display of sour grapes and continued defamation.  

In two exceptional examples of disturbed hyperbole, foul-mouth leftist Ed Schultz on Obama’s MSNBC actually predicted Walker could face a criminal indictment “in the next several days” and at least one tearful Barrett supporter called Walker’s win “the end of democracy” and moaned, “democracy died tonight” on CNN. 

Democracy hardly died Tuesday when some 3 million Wisconsin voters turned out to democratically express their opinions–and almost 40% of union members voted for Walker.

  Not content with sulking and defaming, illiterate left- wing twits on Twitter posted multiple death threats including these classics: ”I wanna kill scott walker so fucking baddd!!!!! & the racist dumb assholes that voted for him #nbs— FatBitchess&GoodWeed (@DomoSoloDolo)” and “Ima be right back! I’m finna go kill #ScottWalker bitch ass dawg. Nbs!— `Marques.Scoot. (@__SupaMcNASTY__).” 

Wisconsin and our country are confronted with the most perilous financial situations we have faced in seventy years. 

America has two choices, Do we follow Wisconsin’s lead and opt to reject the Obama model of mindless spending, reckless defiicits, multi-trillion dollar national debt, and total disregard for the ability of our kids and grandkids’ to pay for our profligacy? 

Or, do we choose to preserve America’s future by voting on November 6 for someone, for anyone, who offers us true hope for our rapidly-disintegrating republic and a real change of course.

Scott Walker’s victory over Tom Barrett’s entrenched union leaders and thugs was less a win for Walker than it was a victory of Americans over people intent on bankrupting their states and taxpayers in the interests of fattening their collective wallets. 

As for the demise of our democratic republic, that will only happen when we go broke.