Ethics: that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions. (

MSNBC News Headlines  It takes a hell of a lot for MSNBC, the cable news station of NBC established in partnership with Microsoft, to suspend someone for violating its ethics policy.  It’s a challenge to try to determine whether MSNBC, dubbed PMSNBC by Rush Limbaugh, has any ethics at all considering its programming and commentators.

As the left’s response to Fox News, MSNBC has been beyond lame.  As the left’s entry into the ethics sweepstakes, MSNBC finished as an also-ran.

suspending Keith Olbermann   However, someone has been suspended, indefinitely and without pay, for violating that vague policy.  None other than Keith Olbermann, former sports maven and now former political pundit in MSNBC’s 8 pm slot, the man who proved that one host was able to sink a cable network almost single-handedly, has, possibly, been handed his pink slip. 

Actually, that’s hyperbolic since Olbermann had a lot of help in that regard from such people as the raving, leftist lesbian, Rachel Maddow.  As of today, though, Rachel is still in and Keith’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” is being counted out.  It remains to be seen if Maddow survives longer than MSNBC. 

Olbermann got the hook for his seemingly innocuous and generous nature, contributing to political candidates.  It never occurred to Ol’ Keith that using his “Countdown” to offer alleged, objective commentary on those liberal, Democrat hopefuls seeking federal offices at the same time he was giving them political contributions, thereby endorsing them, was a no-no.

What a shocker!  Can you say “unethical,” Keithie?

Most thinking Americans may long ago have abandoned the myth that America’s media was objective, non-partisan, and fair, but even MSNBC maintains that facade in its ethics policy.  Sometimes.

As Brian Preston on wrote, coming at the end of an awesome week for Republicans and conservatives and seeing MSNBC’s “flagship guy” who was supposed to be the lib answer to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, the Olbermann news is sweet beyond compare.

As Preston concludes his article, “Olbermann is notoriously difficult to work with and for, and has a very obvious tendency to center the universe upon himself.  That’s tolerable if you’re a winner, less so if you’re not.  And in the ratings game, he just isn’t:” 

Sweet, very sweet, even if Olbermann will no doubt crop up somewhere as vile weeds tend to do.  The man who, “most of the time just came across as the little dog snipping and yipping at the big dog” and who revelled in ripping conservatives has now been ripped. 

Life and politics can indeed be sweet at times.