It may be an exercise in wishful thinking, but there are clear indications that Emperor Barack Hussein Obama’s assaults on the Constitution, his wars against the wealthy and middle class, against religion, against women, against prosperity, against Israel are all taking their toll and his despotic rule may be coming to an end. 

In about 146 days, to be precise. 

The very welcome signs are not just the obvious ones. 

Continued economic stagnation, persistently high unemployment, widespread dismay over a raft of broken promises, and public disgust over admistration scandals and the president’s gaffes, lies, vacations, and golf games certainly will play a major part in Obama’s defeat on November 6th. 

However, it is the erosion of his political base that must be giving David Axelrod and Company the hebejebes, if not chronic diarrhea, and causing similar reactions for Empress Michelle. She has to be wondering who will pay for her future extravagances and whether she will remain proud of her country should her hubby lose.

Thanks to the president’s sudden evolution on same-sex marriage and his dubious success in repealing the military’s DADT policy, he still has a lock on the homosexual vote.  So, too, will a large majority of Latinos, African-Americans, and Jews cast their ballots for Obama.

Blacks will again vote for him in droves primarily because he is “one of their own” and despite complaints he hasn’t done nearly enough for the black community over the past three and a half years.  Latinos will again vote for him in the expectation that with more “flexibility” in a second term Obama will legalize undocumented aliens despite the fact he has failed them.

Jews will again vote for Obama mainly because they have almost always voted for Democrats and despite his well-known antagonism toward the state of Israel and its president, Benjamin Netanyahu.   

However, the electoral devil is in the ethnic details.  

Obama garnered an unprecedented 93% of black votes in 2008 and, assuredly, most African-Americans will follow suit in 2012 but, based on North Carolina and Spike Lee, he won’t enjoy comparable numbers this year.  

According to the authoritative, the “Democrat-leaning” Public Policy Polling has found that Republican Mitt Romney would get 20% of the African-American vote and Barack Obama 76%. 

That’s a comfortable margin for the president until one considers that in 2008 he won with 95% of the N.C. tally and Romney is now beating Obama 48% to 46% in the state. (

If those figures don’t cause Axelrod to head for the Kaopectate, Spike Lee’s doubts on the re-election results should.  

The filmmaker wants to 'rekindle the enthusiasm' for Obama | AP  Remarkably, the black film director doesn’t entirely attribute his “man’s” tough road ahead to white racism. 

Rather, as he observed, “I can’t say to all the people that are unhappy with him that they’re racist people.  People ain’t got jobs, people are hurting.  So I don’t care what color you are, if people are out of work, it’s tough.  And then when you’re the first African American president, that’s not helping either.” ( 

Factor in a recent Gallup poll showing a significant decline in white support, down six points as contrasted with ’08, Axelrod and Michelle may need more medication than a dose of Kaopectate. 

Apparently, much of the White Guilt which helped Obama win the presidency last time around has been assuaged.

Another strong Obama constituency is still supportive, though not to the same degree they were four years back. 

obama yarmulke  High on hope and change and pledges in 2008, 78% of America’s Jews voted for then-Senator Obama.  Deflated hopes, negative changes, and broken pledges have caused a 22% drop in his support in the Jewish bastion of New York within the last month alone, as per a Siena College poll. 

Siena also reports that “Jewish voters in New York overwhelmingly believe that America is ‘headed in the wrong direction’ as opposed to ‘the right track,’ by a margin of 62 percent to 31 percent.”  (

The only numbers that matter are those counted on Election Day, 2012. 

Nevertheless, given economic, social, and international realities, compounded by increasing disaffection for the president among African-Americans and Jews, Hussein Obama should go down to ignominious defeat in 146 days if it’s a close election.  If it’s a Reaganesque rout, November 7th could dawn as a whole new morning in America.  

We can always think wishfully, right?