The following are selected updates on the sad states of civility, homosexuality, and education in America:

CIVILITY. Last year, when President Barack Hussein Obama issued his plea for greater civility in America in the wake of the Tucson shootings, there was a naive hope that liberals–to whom civility is a foreign concept–would heed his impassioned request. 

That was not to be, as amply illustrated over the past year by such foul-mouthed reprobates as Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, and their ilk.

 Screen grab from Season One of 'Game of Thrones' DVD. (HBO)  Now, it’s been revealed that HBO still harbors such an irrational, uncivil hatred toward a former president of the United States that it featured George W. Bush’s head impaled on a stake in “Game of Thrones.” 

Said an HBO writer, banking on the usual liberal contempt for American intelligence, “It’s not a choice, not a political statement!” Yet, when caught in its political viciousness, HBO apologized profusely. ( 

Liberal darling, Joy Behar, never apologizes for anything, least of all when she engages in one of her snarky attacks on conservatives.  However, she out-Behared herself Tuesday when she erupted with a show of uncivilized contempt for Mitt Romney and his religion. 

Rosie O'Donnell  Newly chosen as a commentator on Al Gore’s un-watched Current TV, Behar sputtered in a Mediaite interview, ”I’d like to see his [Romney's] house burn, one of his millions of houses burning down,” adding, “Who’s he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?” 

Then, as if that remark didn’t adequately prove she weren’t a nasty bitch, in her usual classy fashion and in a desperate quest for an audience, Behar hurled a challenge to conservatives to come on her show, “If they have the balls.”  ( 

Aside from the fact her gracious invite would exclude dozens of beautiful, conservative  women like Sarah Palin, S.E. Culp, Michelle Malkin, et al., her remarks were just a tad  extreme even for Joyless Bahar. 

HOMOSEXUALITY.  Gay people generally seem like joyless people, stuck as they are between normality and abnormality and unable to establish a viable connection with the former. 

James Clementi speaks about  James Clementi, the gay brother of gay teen Tyler Clementi who leaped off the George Washington Bridge after he was videotaped at Rutgers University engaging in flagrante delicto activities with a homosexual paramour, thinks society failed Tyler. 

In a whining critique of bullies and bullying on, Clementi conceded he himself went along with bullying in order to get along but nevertheless concluded, “The responsibility is on each of us to make it clear that bullying is not acceptable in our schools, our workplaces, our homes, or anywhere else that human beings might find themselves.” ( 

Nice lecture but had James Clementi practiced what he now preaches, Tyler might still be alive.  

Boy Scouts  Over a decade ago, the Supreme Court decided the Boy Scouts of America acted within their First Amendment constitutional right when they restricted membership as scouts or scout leaders to people who abided by the BSA moral code.  That code meant that openly-homosexual individuals were not permitted to join in any capacity. 

A 20 year old (?) Eagle Scout with two lesbian mothers, Zach Wahls, who has campaigned for same-sex marriage, challenged the ban; the BSA will rule on Wahls’ proposal next year and is expected to reject it. ( 

I’m as certain the Boy Scouts will maintain its principles as I am that Wahls will head to court hoping to find a gay judge who will uphold his complaint and allow homosexuals to go camping in the woods with normal kids.   

EDUCATION: America’s educators are notable for their inclination toward liberality in their approach to teaching our youngsters, often to the point of imposing their bizarre and un-American PC viewpoints on innocent children. 

Greta Hawkins, principal of PS  Witness the case of Greta Hawkins, principal of Coney Island’s PS 90, who refuses to permit kindergartners to sing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA!” at their commencement because it was “too grown up” for the little cherubs.  She’s opted instead to have them belt out Justin Bieber’s racy “Baby” which was just right. 

Principal Hawkins apparently felt it was also right this week to bash a fifth grader in the mouth over a cell phone incident in the school.  The matter is being investigated by police and the NYC Education Department.  

Little action is likely from the cops since, according to the boy’s mother, “he’s scared to say what happened.”  No action is expected from the impotent Board of Education which has already disciplined Hawkins for racist and other bigoted comments–and she’s still the principal. (

Taking mandated sex education to liberal extremes, the un-named principal of Washington State’s Onalaska Elementary School chose to graphically instruct fifth grade children on oral and anal sex techniques.  

As one traumatized student later reported to her parents, the explicit instruction included this gem: “You take a man’s penis and you put it in your mouth–that’s what the girls do to the boys.  The boys spread the girls’ legs apart and put their mouths down on the vaginas.” Another fifth grader described the act as, “basically like a lollipop.” 

Understandably, parents were shocked and furious over the gross violation of discretion and reason, one characterizing the lesson as “raping” their kids’ innocence. 

Superintendent Scott  However, Superintendent Scott Fenter defended the principal and thought she handled the situation well since she didn’t provide any ”demonstrations.” ( 

Necrophilia and bestiality may be incorporated into Onalaska’s sex ed curriculum next year but, again bowing to the district’s version of educational discretion, “demonstrations” will be avoided. 

Any American who doesn’t believe that liberal incivility isn’t approaching rockbottom, that gays are out of control, or that public education has devolved into a cesspool should start reading newspapers and watching television news. 

That is, read honest newspapers and not the mainstream tripe and watch Fox News and not the broadcast networks or CNN or MSNBC.  The latter either fully endorse incivility, homosexual hypocrisy and excesses, and the public education mess or cover it up.