“We know your origin in the world.  We know how long you were set to live.  And unless you change, your end has come.”  (Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan)

“You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!”  (New Black Panther Party Minister King Shamir Ahabaz)

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” (Candidate Barack Hussein Obama)

In America’s racially-charged society, anyone with half a brain could have guessed in 2008 that any criticism of semi-black President Barack Hussein Obama would be met with allegations of racism–and anyone with a complete brain would have been positive of that eventuality. 

Many of us also anticipated that Obama would instigate racial dissension in the United States aimed at achieving his Saul Alinsky-ite goals of destroying this nation.   

None of us have been disappointed in our expectations, the upshot of which is an ongoing,  one-sided race war, a war which most white people refuse to acknowledge exists either because they prefer to ignore reality or because they are ignorant of the consequences of a majority population trying to survive under the yoke of a militant minority bent on violence.  

I know how those views will be received–as the rantings of a confirmed bigot intent on disparaging African-Americans, as vicious invective from someone dedicated to stirring up racial division, as the wild accusations of a white supremacist who harbors a deep animosity toward blacks, none of which are true. 

Please read on.

Last Friday’s Rose Garden confrontation between the president and an inquisitive reporter served not only to infuriate the commander-in-chief but to ignite new battles in America’s race war.  I’m fully aware we’re not supposed to say things like that, talk about race wars; they strike uncomfortably close to denied truth and are extremely politically incorrect.   

New Black Panther Party  On the other hand, it’s acceptable nowadays for black race baiters to make far more incendiary pronouncements, as when Farrakhan threatened the extinction of the white race and the New Black Panther Party issued a call to arms and murder. 

Something, many things, are amok in America.

From the outset of his administration, despite his public declarations of the dawning of a new era of racial harmony, President Obama embarked on a concerted effort to divide Americans along class, cultural, and racial lines.  November 6th, 2012 will determine the political effectiveness of his class and cultural wars; the race war is already in progress.    

Eric Holder must go now!  The initial salvo in that war occurred when the president’s hand-picked African-American nominee for attorney general Eric Holder denounced whites as cowards and the United States as “a nation of cowards” even before he was confirmed by the Senate.  

Holder’s racist remarks should have been met with demands his nomination be withdrawn on the spot.  However, it wasn’t since those reasonable demands would have been interpreted as racist, the ploy used whenever blacks say or do anything that depicts them in a negative light. 

Emboldened and confident he could get away with any racial slurs or racist policies, Holder went on to re-vamp the DoJ in his own image, catering to black interests and discriminating against other races. 

Almost immediately after assuming office, Holder dismissed the well-established case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia by the New Black Panther Party which in itself was a miscarriage of justice.  The chief law enforcer for all Americans exacerbated that miscarriage when he later defended the outrage as a service to “my people.”  

His people?

Subsequently, Holder announced civil rights suits would not be filed when whites are victimized and most recently pulled the race card again by ascribing the uproar over his Fast and Furious gun-running scandal to racially-inspired motives.  

In effect, with that desperate contention, Holder sought to exonerate himself and his boss from all responsibility for the disaster that was their botched Fast and Furious deadly screw-up on the basis that all congressional inquiries into the matter were racist.      

Without suggesting the existence of a race war, the highly-repuable former DoJ attorney J. Christian Adams exposed the rampant black racism in Holder’s Justice Department’s civil rights division and the Attorney General’s sleazy methods designed to undermine Adams’ credibility.  Instead of refuting Adams’ charges, Holder’s minions denied, denied, denied and relegated them to the scrapheap since refutation was impossible.

America’s far left AG would be impeached if that move weren’t also considered racist.

The president has been no slouch either when it comes to misusing race as a cudgel as when he disgracefully characterized white Cambridge police sargeant Joe Crowley as stupid for enforcing the law and by intruding in the Trayvon Martin shooting case long before the facts were known. 

All the while, as Holder and the president consistently allege a pervasive white racism, both have been silent as lambs regarding the criminal conduct of the NBPP, regarding the threats from professional race-hustlers Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al. and, most notably, regarding the explosion of violence and murder committed by blacks against whites throughout the country. 

That mayhem has been ignored or minimized by the MSM but recognized as a critical danger to the country by African-American, conservative professors Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell who have been marginalized by the black establishment simply because they speak and write the truth. 

Truth may set you free but it also undermines the black establishment’s war effort.

(All of the above has been documented in numerous articles on this blogsite.) 

Part Two deals with the newest race war battle, President Obama’s pique over a conservative reporter’s request that he be honest, a request countered not by Obama’s clarification but by a typical barrage of attacks on Neil Munro’s alleged racist motives.