Following President Barack Hussein Obama’s cynical, election year, unconstitutional exercise of executive fiat to grant virtual amnesty to illegal aliens, his popularity with Latinos soared. 

Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has thrown out large portions of Arizona’s SB1070, many Latinos are ready to declare Obama emperor for life.  

No doubt heartened by the Homeland Security Agency’s unheralded decision to suspend agreements with police in Arizona to enforce national immigration laws and direct federal authorities not to respond to police reports of illegal immigrants, the hispanic community may now push for the president’s canonization. 

However, Latinos shouldn’t count their quesadillas before they’re baked or cast their ballots for Señor Obama before they understand that this constitutional scholar presidente’ has a penchant for ignoring the Constitution and for not enforcing laws he doesn’t like, inclinations likely to be overturned by SCOTUS. Latinos should also be aware that the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s police right to ask “Papers, please” of anyone reasonably believed to be squatting is in our country.  

Obama’s immigration policies pretend to secure our border but in actuality represent a license for Mexican reprobates to rape, murder, and pillage in Arizona and other border states. 

With Allah’s blessing, in November Obama will be re-assigned to his old job of rabble-rousing on Chicago’s mean streets and government harassment of Arizona will cease. 

The best bet for Latinos intent on rendering our southern border completely farcical and dividing America is not to count on Obama or the Supremes but instead to cast their lot with La Raza and hope that organization succeeds in re-instituting the siesta tradition so they don’t have to witness the drug cartels murdering everyone in sight. 

  La Raza threatens to cancel  Outside America’s West and Southwest, La Raza, (“the race” in Spanish), and its goals aren’t very well known.  “La Raza” doesn’t refer to a marathon or a sprint but to the subversive National Council of La Raza, (the NCLR), the Movemiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, MEChA. 

Dedicated to re-establishing the mythical Mexican kingdom of Aztlan in lands allegedly stolen from Mexico by the United States, La Raza is easily the most powerful, most influential, and most dangerously insurrectionist-minded movement in the country. 

Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party are close seconds and equally dangerous but they lack equivalent numbers as contrasted with Latinos who legally and illegally arrived in the USA and now so dominate many towns and cities that they feel entitled to demand that Spanish be declared America’s official language.   

Have You Heard About Aztlan?  Mythical Aztlan encompasess all of the land in Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon plus parts of Washington, vast territories signed over to the United States by Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in 1848. 

That treaty ended the Mexican-American War, a struggle Mexico lost and America won, although Mexican surrogates in America such as La Raza still won’t concede defeat.  

When a defeated, borderline Third World nation is even remotely able by agitation to re-gain territory it surrendered to the world’s foremost superpower, why not give it a shot?

Begun in 1968, generously funded by the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and corporations including Citigroup and Wal-Mart, and assisted with millions of taxpayer dollars, La Raza is ready to re-claim much of America for Mexico.  All it really needs is the okay of a president who just needs the “flexibility” of a second term.

Aztlan never existed except in Mexican legend, a reality that has never discouraged groups such as La Raza.  They have relentlessly striven for the reunification of Aztlan under the aegis of the National Council of La Raza, a group of dissidents equivalent to Russian Marxists in 1917.  

Fantasy or not, Mexico, still chafing over being ignominious losers more than a century and a half ago when it ceded 55% of its territory to the U.S., wants those lands back regardless of treaties. 

And, thanks to sometimes-violent demonstrations directed by La Raza and thanks to the complicity of America’s president and his lack of rational border policies, Mexico is on the verge of seizing a large chunk of ”stolen” lands via its MEChAN surrogates   

Myths, legends, and fraudulent claims notwithstanding, the very tarnished Golden State of California is about to become the first major conquest in what some La Razans call the “northern front” in their war with America. 

For detailed, documented accounts of the history and activities of La Raza, please see “The Rising of La Raza,” (, and “The Resurrection of La Raza,”  ( 

Rarely mentioned in the debate over the Latino invasion and how they will vote is consideration of Obama’s neglect of the fundamental responsibility of a commander-in-chief to protect our borders and his duty to define America as a nation.  That malfeasance has resulted in a wide-open portal for assorted terrorists from–Allah only knows where–to infiltrate our country and perpetrate mayhem. 

Should Latinos help re-elect their hero, La Raza might re-think its goal of independence when they come to realize they will be living under the thumb of a backward country incapable of preserving even a modicum of civil order and governed by an elitist class which doesn’t give a damn about their welfare. 

sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio of  They’d be better off with Sheriff Joe Arpaio as their leader.