Fraudulent governmental initiatives and fraudulent private organizations  all have one thing in common: They want the public to believe they are something they are not. 

Case in point: Obamacare. 

(The monumental frauds,, the Washington Post, and the United Nations, all of which are great fans of our president and all of which adhere to the misguided liberal principles of deception and distortion, will follow.) 

Barack Obama would survive   Above all else, President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party hoped Americans would fall for the lies and hype and believe the Affordable Care Act was eminently affordable and that people who already had medical insurance and who were averse  to socialistic medicine would be “permitted” by their government to keep their coverage and their doctors. 

As when Obama “absolutely” pledged that Obamacare would not impose any new taxes, both claims have proven to be frauds.  

By the time Obamacare is fully implemented in 2018, it not only will be unaffordable to many people but 20 new or greatly-increased taxes will have been levied on Americans and millions of the currently-insured would be able, “permitted,” to retain their doctors only if government bureaucrats approve of their physicians and their course of treatment. 

Of course, none of that applies to those bureaucrats, or congressmen, or other federal employees since the ACA exempts them–and millions of workers in protected unions and industries–from Obamacare’s onerous and largely unknown provisions. 

When the United States Supreme Court unexpectedly ruled last week that Obama’s legacy issue was constitutional and is now indisputably the law of the land, SCOTUS neglected to incorporate very relevant Obamacare details in its controversial decision.   

Never mind that passage of Obamacare had so consumed the president and the Democrat Party for almost two years while they controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress that they were forced to pass the ACA by bribing and intimidating opponents.

Never mind that Obama and his Democrat Party ignored far more critical problems such as the illegal alien invasion and the nation’s soaring unemployment rate in order to focus on passing a monstrous, 2,400 page law that the majority of Americans didn’t want and few if any lawmakers read or understood. 

Never mind that the Wall Street Journal’s Senior Economics Writer  Stephen Moore contends ”that nearly 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.”

surfaces from various tax  Among other taxes, that “big f*cking deal,” as it was classily described by the numbskull, Vice President Joe Biden, imposes new taxes on charitable hospitals, eliminates flexible spending and similar  tax-saving accounts, adds a surtax on investment income, raises the Medicare Payroll Tax and the Medical Itemized Deduction to 10% of AGI, penalizes employees and employers (up to  $2085 for employees and employers $2000 per full-time employee) who lack medical insurance, and taxes all health insurance companies. ( 

Are they “absolutely” tax increases or what? 

Are they absolute evidence that our arch-leftist President Barack Hussein Obama and his extreme leftist administration are intent on substituting Great Britain’s failed, bankrupt National Health Service for America’s flawed yet functioning health care system, or what? 

Are they absolute reasons to send Obama back to Chicago so he can resume stirring up racial hatred as a community organizer, or what? 

Obama’s former pastor and spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, would never say that Obama’s pigeons have “come home to roost” or that the dumb pigeons who elected him will be paying a steep price for their grave mistake but the electorate just might.

Hopefully, those birds will wake up and smell reality before November 6th. 

That hope assumes the president’s mainstream media will allow the public to learn anything about the roosting costs of the burdensome, crippling new and increased taxes imposed by Obamacare mandates on millions of American families and businesses before they hit home. ( 

Is it absolutely reasonable to expect the American voters to consign a failed president and his failed, misbegotten policies to political oblivion?  Just ask Obama’s predecessor, Jimmy Carter.