On the surface, the Boy Scouts of America oath, “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight,” seems an admirable, innocuous, inoffensive promise.

The Scouts are simply pledging to abide by God’s Commandments, the laws of the United States of America and of their organization, to be of assistance when needed, to stay fit, be on their toes, and be decent human beings, all of which vows are commendable to normal people.  

Nevertheless, the Boy Scouts oath and everything the 102 year old, 2.7 million member BSA represents are  abhorrent to leftists and homosexuals.  As for leftist homosexuals, which is pretty much a redundancy, the BSA is considered the equivalent of the KKK, the American Nazi Party, or worse and all because they stand for honor, morality, and common decency. 

And, liberals don’t only detest the Boy Scout principles, they are as committed to destroying the BSA as they are to bankrupting Chick-fil-A for its grave offense of publicly announcing a belief in traditional marriage.  Americans proclaimed their agreement by flooding Chick-fil-A with business.

The sad reality that the liberal wing of the Democrat Party, another redundancy, opposes both freedom of speech and fundamental Christian beliefs was evidenced twice on CNN, “the most trusted name in news,” first when a gay-skewed panel on Soledad O’Brien’s July 18th “Starting Point” encouraged homosexuals to attack the Boy Scouts, an invitation which was followed by Don Lemon’s guest, ousted Cub Scout leader Jennifer Tyrrell, presenting her case for a lesbian to guide young boys through the treacherous shoals of childhood. mother Jennifer Tyrell. 

After a two year review, the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its ban on gay members, a position supported by the United States Supreme Court more than a decade ago and endorsed by most parents of Scouts. 

That BSA decision was immediately attacked by homosexuals as being out of touch with the times and “on the wrong side of history” or, as one gay activist said, “Just because the Supreme Court has said the Boy Scouts are allowed to have this policy does not mean that it is just or that it is consistent with basic human compassion.” 

I guess that view would depend on what “times” and whose history are involved and on the definitions of justice and compassion.  The times may be a-changing but whether the majority of Americans concur in those changes or whether justice is served by denying the conservative right to disagree are very disputable.    

Last month, CNN’s Ms. O’Brien hosted a panel ostensibly intending to discuss the BSA’s considered decision, a skewed panel entirely consisting of homosexuals and gay rights supporters with not a single BSA representative on hand to dispute charges of an unjust lack of compassion. 

Gushing enthusiasm for homosexuals’ rights to dispute the rights of a private organization to decide who can join, the panel unanimously praised gay agitator, Zach Wahls, the son of two lesbians, and encouraged him to attack the Scouts. (http://tiny.cc/l0yoiw)

Launching a vicious, unsubstantiated, and un-refuted campaign against a great institution is reprehensible, even on a cable network that fewer and fewer people watch.  Ms. Tyrrell wasn’t nearly as vituperative as CNN’s Mr. Lemon whose sexual proclivities are unknown.

I very much doubt the BSA is much concerned about a lesbian woman whose child, Cruz, has “two mommies,” taking Boy Scouts on camping trips, etc.  I have no doubt that the BSA is gravely concerned over the prospect of outed male homosexuals accompanying boys anywhere. 

It’s one thing to be “liberal-minded” on the issue of inclusion of gays into society.  It’s quite another thing to send young boys off to any events in the company of homosexuals who regard their charges as innocent lovers eager to experience perverted sex.  

It took President Barack Hussein Obama’s daughters to help him “evolve” on the issue of same-sex marriage–coincidentally in an election year.  It will take more than uninformed children to persuade the Boy Scouts of America to turn its collective back on age-old moral principles and the safety of Scouts.  

May God bless the BSA for its re-affirmation.